Fine Arts Career Services

Fine Arts Career Services (FACS) provides a full range of services and resources to support students and alumni as they realize the full potential of their education and experiences.

Current students and alumni can...

Find a job or internship
Schedule career advising or attend our roving office hours
Access online resources, including resume and CV guides
See a complete listing of professional development courses & programs

Organizations may...

Post jobs and/or internships in Fine Arts Works, our online job database

Career Services Events Calendar

Fine Arts Career Services events, programs and deadlines, and other career-related events of interest to individuals pursuing careers in the fine arts.

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Fine Arts Career Services

Fine Arts Career Services (FACS) provides an array of services to help students and alumni realize the full potential of their education and experiences. Beginning in the Fall Semester 2014, all students will meet with a career advisor three times during their academic career: at the beginning of their sophomore year, the second semester of their junior year and the last semester of their senior year. In addition, students can speak with an advisor anytime for detailed feedback regarding their resumes, portfolios and application materials. Students also have access to available jobs and internships through resources such as Fine Arts Works. This database exclusively serves College of Fine Arts students and alumni as they explore professional opportunities and register for FACS' programming, including workshops, giving students greater insight into the dynamics of their field. This insight can be applied in the department's professional development course, FA 340, which helps students integrate their academic experiences with the practical experience of an internship.

As students consider their career options, FACS also conducts mock interviews for those preparing for job or graduate school interviews. These initiatives, in addition to FACS' annual NY Seminar exploring careers in arts administration for the visual and performing arts, enable students to create their own opportunities and pursue their goals.