Visual Style and Public Relations Guidelines

Alicia Dietrich

The Visual Standards Guideline for the College of Fine Arts has been developed to ensure consistent use of the college’s new logo. More than just a design and typeface, our identity is an important business tool that should be employed with care, consistency and consideration. It is meant to help people quickly identify and recognize our college and university out of the thousands of images and messages that vie for attention in the market today.

Because of the diverse nature of the College of Fine Arts with its four units, flexibility was a major consideration. Units that already have logos and/or typefaces will be able to maintain their individuality and uniqueness within the framework of the College of Fine Arts organization. The college logo is meant to be incorporated into unit publications alongside unique unit logos and typefaces.

Anyone who is responsible for creating or influencing the College of Fine Arts’ outward expression in marketing, publicity, promotional items should refer to these guidelines.

All questions in regards to the Visual Standards Guideline should go to:

Alicia Dietrich
Director of Public Affairs
Dean's Office, College of Fine Arts

Please download the Visual Standards Guide PDF and refer to it often:


The various versions of the Logo and Wordmarks can be downloaded from the links below.

College of Fine Arts Logo
College of Fine Arts Alumni Logo
College of Fine Arts Stationery Logo


Written Style Guide

A written style guide for the College of Fine Arts has also been created for content creators across the college. These guidelines are intended to promote clarity and consistency in materials produced by and for the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. Questions of style, unlike many questions of grammar, usually do not have a “right” or “wrong” answer. However, the hallmark of any style is consistency. Establishing a preferred editorial style is helpful so that a consistent presentation can be maintained throughout an array of materials produced by many individuals.

This guide addresses topics specific to the College of Fine Arts that may not adequately be covered in the standard published style guides, as well as instances where the college style supersedes those guides. It does not cover scholarly publishing, which calls for other criteria, including adherence to widely recognized standards for citing other authors and their publications.

In most instances, this guide is based on the existing University of Texas at Austin style guide and the most current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press Stylebook and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Please download the Written Standards Guide PDF and refer to it often:


If the project you are working on is Web related, please see our Web Publishing page.