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Black and white scenes from a theatre featuring a man with a striped shirt

11:00 min, b&w, sound Courtesy of Sicardi Gallery, Houston

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Landmarks Video Presents "Corte en el ojo" by Miguel Ángel Rojas
Oct. 1 - Oct. 31

Born in Bogota in 1946, Miguel Ángel Rojas’s artistic practice has established him as an influential force in and beyond Colombia. Through a range of approaches, including intrigue, displacement, and juxtaposition, Rojas challenges viewers to take notice of largely unseen social interactions and political connections.

The intimacy of individuals is captured in Corte en el Ojo (2003). Named after a physical injury Rojas acquired during the creation of the piece, the first half of the video features Rojas’s secretive photographs of homosexual encounters, specifically his final set of images taken in Bogota’s Faenza Theater, entitled Faenza (1979). As a video sequence accompanied by a touching soundtrack, the once-ghostly pictures come alive.