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Courtesy of David Brooks and the Visual Arts Center

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Artist Talk with David Brooks
Sep. 23 | 4:00 - 5:30 PM

The Visual Arts Center’s artist-in-residence David Brooks talks about his experience researching and creating his site-specific installation Repositioned Core, in which a geologic core sample bisects the space of the Vaulted Gallery. In spring 2014, Brooks began his research at The University of Texas by investigating the Austin Core Research Center (CRC), a hangar-sized warehouse containing an archive of more than two million rock cores, samples, and well logs. Brooks came to work with this storied material at the CRC because of his longstanding interest in finding mediations, rather than divisions, between the natural world and the cultural sphere. For Brooks, the material and culture of the petroleum industry profoundly connect the realms of geology, evolution, and the commodification of the natural world, as it literally fuels the motions of our daily lives.