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Black and white photography of demonlished building in small town

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Fifth Street Tavern and U.P.M.C. Braddock Hospital on Braddock Avenue, 2011.
Courtesy of the artist & Michael Rein Paris/Brussels

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Visual Arts Center reception for LaToya Ruby Frazier
Nov. 20 | 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Join the Visual Arts Center in celebration of LaToya Ruby Frazier’s exhibition “Riveted.” LaToya Ruby Frazier documents the effects of economic and environmental decline in her hometown of Braddock, a borough in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Using photography, performance, video, and installation, Frazier exposes the exploitation of the landscape of Braddock and the experience of its citizens, making visible the liminal place between the stark abandonment of completely deindustrialized sites and a continued battle with the environmental and social effects of surviving in industry’s wake. Focusing on Frazier and the women in her family, Riveted presents a range of artworks that explores identity, place, complex familial relationships, the legacies of industrialization, and illness.