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About the play
Following his engagement, Guy contacts his former girlfriends and arranges a series of meetings in hotel rooms across the country.

Director Jeremy Lee Cudd shares, “Playwright Neil LaBute calls the play a ‘romance,’ which can be very misleading if you have the wrong frame of reference. LaBute refers to the French films of Eric Rohmer as a source of inspiration here, not the sanitized, Big-American-Movie notion of romance that leaves out all the nasty, messy bits.

Apart from those ‘high school sweethearts’ out there, the rest of us stumble through many relationships – crippled by our insecurities and blinded by our immaturity – in the search for that ‘someone special.’ This play takes an unflinching look at the wake of destruction we can leave behind us when we think we are just ‘following our heart.’ I invite the audience to bring all their relationship baggage with them to the show and take the ride with us.”

The play is approximately 2 hours. Some Girl(s) includes adult language, sexual themes and situations. Seating is limited.

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Date and Time:Nov. 16 | 8:00 PM
Contact:Theatre and Dance Info Line
Location:WIN Building, Room 2.180 Maps and Directions
Sponsor:Department of Theatre & Dance