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Event Title:Art History Lecture Series presents Susanna McFadden (More Information)
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*Roman Wall Painting and the Megalographic Experience in Late Antiquity*

Susanna McFadden
Fordham University

This talk examines the art, politics, and culture of the late Roman world via an investigation of a particular genre of wall painting, the megalographia (a large-scale figural composition). This genre seem to have been particularly popular in the third and fourth centuries CE all over the Mediterranean, and came to be utilized especially in communal spaces of the Roman house reserved for important social rituals, mirroring in paint those activities often enacted in reality. As a result, the paintings are of particular note for the way in which they communicate issues relating to non-Christian identity and ritual practice, sometimes articulating threads of resistance to the mainstream political dynamics of the late Roman world (as told by the better known textual histories). By discussing the the experiential aspects of late antique paintings and the ritual encounter between image and viewer created by the specific physical contexts of these images, the case studies presented will reveal the importance of a medium long neglected in the study of late antique art.

Date and Time:Feb. 28 | 4:00 PM
Contact: Stacy Brodie
Admission:Free and Open to the Public
Location:ART Building, Room 1.120 Maps and Directions
Sponsor:Department of Art & Art History