Visual Arts Center presents Two Ships Passing with Kyle Schlesinger

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Event Title:Visual Arts Center presents Two Ships Passing with Kyle Schlesinger (More Information)
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The Visual Arts Center, in collaboration with the art publication Pastelegram, presents the spring 2013 edition of Two Ships Passing focused on the topic of pacing and features invitee Kyle Schlesinger and his guest. Central to magazine work—online or in print—is the consideration of the pacing of images, texts, and ideas. Structuring how information unfolds over time concerns many of those working in temporal media such as magazines, films, or written narratives; these structures may have their own meanings that affect the reading of their enclosed content. Invited as our special guest by Schlesinger is Austin writer Cindy St. John.

Often said of two people who meet for a brief but intense moment, Two Ships Passing explores pertinent topics within the creative community. In each edition of this conversation series, one speaker will be invited and prompted to request the company of a committed colleague, mentor, or perhaps even a new acquaintance, creating a unique pairing for a dialogue. This remarkable event aims to establish a reactive space where ideas will be exchanged and unexpected conclusions reached.

Date and Time:Apr. 30, 2013 | 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Contact: Xochi Solis
Admission:Free and Open to the Public
Location:ART Building, Room 1.120 Maps and Directions
Sponsor:Department of Art & Art History