The Mesoamerica Center Colloquium Series: Patrick Hajovsky

carved stone of Mexica-Aztec heiroglyphs

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Event Title:The Mesoamerica Center Colloquium Series: Patrick Hajovsky (More Information)
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Patrick Hajovsky discusses the sculptural representations of the Mexica-Aztec king Moteuczoma (r. 1502-20). Across the sculptures, the name and speech signs comment in different ways upon his unique power of command, both as a political agent and as a mediator to the gods.

Hajovsky is Assistant Professor of Art History at Southwestern University, where he has been teaching pre-Columbian and colonial Latin American art since 2009. He is the author of an upcoming book with UT Press (due in 2015), tentatively titled Moteuczoma, On the Lips of Others: Sculpture, Ritual and Fame in Tenochtitlan.

Date and Time:Nov. 13 | 12:00 PM
Contact: Paola Bueche
Admission:Free and open to the public.
Location:DFA 4.104 (ART Building) Maps and Directions
Sponsor:Department of Art & Art History