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Visual Narrative by William Anderson
Text Narrative by David Turkel

In the weeks following Hamlet’s death, Horatio navigates a harrowing regime change at Elsinore under the rule of bloody-minded prince Fortinbras.

A collaboration by playwright David Turkel and designer William Anderson, ‘ratio is an art-script that intertwines visual and textual narratives. Equal ‘authors’ to the work, Anderson and Turkel have developed the work over the course of a year, workshopping ‘ratio with Dan Rothenberg, Artistic Director of Pig Iron Theatre Company (Philadelphia, PA) and now with UTNT director Jess Hutchinson.

The enhanced reading of ‘ratio is presented by UTNT, an annual series of new plays by emerging playwrights from The University of Texas at Austin.

Date and Time:Mar. 1 | 11:00 AM
Contact:Theatre and Dance Info Line
Location:Lab Theatre (LTH Building) Maps and Directions
Sponsor:Department of Theatre & Dance