Landmarks Video Presents "Animal" by David Ellis

David Ellis, Animal

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Event Title:Landmarks Video Presents "Animal" by David Ellis (More Information)
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On view for the month of February 2014

David Ellis’s motion painting, Animal, is the visual record of his residency at The University of Texas at Austin. Inspired by personal conversations and the natural environment, Animal showcases the delights and details of the creative forces of nature that often go unnoticed. The nine-and-a half-minute animation features a kaleidoscope of spectacular creatures, landscapes, and abstractions — in varying colors and shapes — interspersed with dramatic splashes of paint. As Ellis throws colors across the canvas, he allows for moments of play and chance. The placement of the paint is undetermined and free to settle wherever it might land, suggesting the unpredictability of not only the natural world, but also the artistic process. To compliment the mercurial nature of Ellis’s practice, Roberto Lange’s soundtrack combines a range of unexpected elements. At any moment, one hears vocal excerpts, percussive breaks, ambient noises, ritualistic chanting, or distorted beats. Although Animal differs from Ellis’s previous motion paintings, its shifting moments of freedom, discovery, and surprise extend from Ellis’s continuous search of ways to represent the universality of art through the rhythms and movement of life.

Videos are screened on a media station in the ART building located on the corner of East 23rd Street an…

Date and Time:Feb. 1, 2014 - Feb. 28, 2014
Contact: Nisa Barger
Location:ART Building Atrium, East 23rd Street & San Jacinto Boulevard