Landmarks Video Presents "Karaoke Wrong Number" by Rachel Perry Welty

Rachel Perry Welty

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Event Title:Landmarks Video Presents "Karaoke Wrong Number" by Rachel Perry Welty (More Information)
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On view for the month of March 2014

Rachel Perry Welty’s signature work Karaoke Wrong Number (2001–04 and 2005–09) showcases the “business of living” through the purposeful, facilitative transmission of messages. She wears a plain white t-shirt as she lip-synchs to messages accidentally left on her telephone answering machine. In one message, a nun called to tell a priest that the choir could not possibly rehearse in a space because it was too dusty. With another, John Fodds from Big Fat Logos in Utah informs a couple that their nativity set is ready for pickup. As in her previous work, Welty recycles found media, but rather than reusing physical objects, she appropriates auditory material in the form of others’ words. When the recordings play, Welty mouths the messages with theatrical facial gestures. During the intervals between them, she maintains a deadpan expression. Her demeanor in Karaoke Wrong Number evokes not only the business but also the drama of the (verbal) exchanges that are made in daily life. Welty also suggests that people often are animated by and rather expressive in their use of technology as it becomes commonplace. In one recording, a woman effectively gives a heartfelt apology to an answering machine in the absence of her friend. However, as its various forms increasingly advance, technology both assists and impedes communication. On t…

Date and Time:Mar. 1, 2014 - Mar. 31, 2014
Location:ART Building Atrium, East 23rd Street & San Jacinto Boulevard