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a woman on the street wearing a box around her chest. the box has a curtain hiding her breasts, and she is inviting strangers to reach inside the curtain and touch her chest.

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Landmarks Video Presents "Touch Cinema" by Valie Export
Jul. 1 - Jul. 31

On view for the month of July 2014

In ten different European cities between 1968 and 1971, EXPORT roamed the streets with a cardboard box/mini movie theater strapped to her nude torso. She invited passersby to insert their hands into the box and grope her breasts for twelve seconds. With her body available tactilely, rather than visually, neither EXPORT nor the participants broke any laws. However, they did subvert and circumvent societal restrictions. That is, they publicly engaged in outlawed activities within the privacy of EXPORT’s box/theater. Moreover, Touch Cinema addresses a chasm between the perception of reality and its representation. By introducing a new or different dimension to the way in which a woman’s body is presented to the public, EXPORT thereby suggested that there is more to the female form than meets the eye.