Peer Evaluation

The College of Fine Arts is dedicated to providing support to our faculty members in their pedagogical activities. It is the expectation of the College that each department/school ensure that peer evaluations and observation reports are conducted and submitted periodically for all assistant and associate professor faculty members and non-tenure track faculty members who intend to come up for promotion in rank. Peer observation reports are an important part of a faculty member’s promotion file and care should be taken to provide detailed, thorough, and constructive feedback. Assistant Professors should have a minimum of two peer evaluations prior to their Third Year Review and at least two more prior to their promotion consideration for tenure. (The College encourages more frequent evaluation.) Each department/school is to establish an internal policy with regard to peer evaluation/observation reports that meet the above criteria. 

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost's “General Guidelines for the Preparation of Supporting Materials and the Management of Candidate Promotion Files” outlines the University’s expectations: These reports are broad evaluations of the candidate’s effectiveness as a teacher at the graduate and/or undergraduate levels by those faculty members conducting the in-class observations. The reports should cover such elements as presentation, course content, organization, clarity of written materials, rigor and fairness of written examinations, appropriateness of methodology and student outcomes.

Peer observation reports should include the following, per provost's guidelines: 

1.  Number and title of course observed

2.  Date of report

3.  Date of classroom observation

4.  Description of methods by which instructor engages students in learning

5.  Date on which the observation was discussed with the candidate

6.  Constructive advice

7.  Any specific improvement from previous peer observation reports

8.  Name and signature of observer(s)

Information on how to conduct a peer classroom observation is available on the Instructional Assessment web page of the Center for Teaching and Learning.