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The Arts and Digital Literacy initiative, which focuses on integrating fine arts education and technology, was established as a result of a legislative appropriation to the Texas Cultural Trust and is a collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) College of Fine Arts.  Music and Media Communications is a project-based music curriculum for high school students that develops the link between traditional music education and digital media.  Music and Media Communications is a Texas Education Agency (TEA)-approved innovative course that may serve as elective credit toward high school graduation and is designed to prepare students for post-secondary study in creative disciplines and for work in creative industries using technology as a primary tool.  Furthermore, the Music and Media Communications innovative course has been added to the draft of the revised Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Music.  If/when approved by the State Board of Education, Music and Media Communications will become a Fine Arts TEKS-based course that may serve as fine arts credit for high school graduation.  The Arts and Digital literacy is the future of communication and commerce and creates learning experiences that develop students' capacities for critical thinking, creativity, imagination, and innovation.

Course Content

Music and Media Communications is designed to provide access to rigorous and relevant instruction in music and media-based skills to those students entering high school who may not have an extensive background in music (or possibly little elective music study beyond Grade 5).  The standards-based curriculum will provide access to instruction in fundamental music skills and knowledge.  Students will explore and discover their own connections to music and their musicality using technology and media-based resources for listening, recording, sharing, composing, and making music.  Students will analyze the presence of music in contemporary contexts and be introduced to skills and knowledge required for some music-related technical professions and components of media production.

Course Description

Music and Media Communications is based upon an integrated set of knowledge and skills standards in music and technology applications in addition to College and Career Readiness and 21st Century skills.  Students will utilize new technology and media-based resources for listening, recording, sharing, composing, and creating music, working on authentic projects that build and expand their musical knowledge and technical skills.

Music is most often created, performed, and enjoyed as the result of the collaborative effort of many individuals.  Lesson activities embedded in the course allow students to research careers in community arts, music performing/composing, management/business, the recording and technical professions, and new media/gaming and participate in collaborative teams working in industry-appropriate roles to create musical products.  Throughout the course, students will be compiling a digital portfolio of work that demonstrates their skills and understanding.

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