Thoughts on Printmaking

Thoughts on Printmaking is Printmaking Convergence’s web-journal, dedicated to the fine art of printmaking. Here you will find, literally, thoughts on this special field that richly captures and challenges our imaginations.

Thoughts on Printmaking explores dialogues between artist and printer, private recollections by those involved in this magical process, unanticipated revelations, and musings on the nature of artistic collaboration. Here, our readers will not find a critical, footnoted journal displaying writings of a particular bent; there is no axe to grind or position to espouse. Rather, written comments, personal thoughts (e.g., what would collectors write about their collections—the whys and wherefores, etc.?), professional insights and perceptions, observations and offerings, may all find space in this web-journal.

We recognize the importance of providing a vetted outlet for personal, "in–house" voices to be heard. From printmakers themselves, collaborating printers, dealers, collectors, students, to connoisseurs—the field is wide open for these essays and "thoughts".

We are developing the format for submitting these essays, which shall remain flexible. Submissions will be vetted by Leonard Lehrer and Kenneth Hale, and all submissions will be archived for future use. The journal will be released on an irregular basis throughout each year.

A Discussion of the Print World with World Printmakers

Kenneth Kerslake, Sarah's Garden (1987)

As our first journal entry in fall 2011, we are presenting an interview by Harris Schrank, the New York Fine Art Print dealer. Mr.Schrank, a long standing advocate of serious exploration into the world of the fine art print, also serves as a trustee of the International Print Center New York (IPCNY).  At the end of his interview you will find Mr. Schrank's contact information and a link to his additional essays.


Grads Speak Out


In Thoughts on Printmaking's first journal entry, artists Miguel Aragon, Ryan Cronk, Nathan Ellefson, and Matt Rebholz hold a candid conversation on printmaking.