Deadlines & Events

Important Deadlines: Summer 2014

View the Summer Session 2014 Calendar for a complete listing of all important University dates and deadlines.

June 6/july 15 (2nd Session only)

  • Last day you can add a course on your own. You do this online. After the deadline, you must go to the department offering the course.

june 10/july 17 (2nd Session only)

  • Fourth class day, this is the date the official enrollment count is taken.
  • Last day to add a course (done in the department offering the course) without needing to appeal.
  • Last day you can drop a course on your own. You do this online. After the deadline, you must initiate a Q-Drop in the Student Affairs office, DFA 1.103.
  • Last day to drop a course for a possible refund.

june 25/august 1 (2nd session only)

  • Last day to change a course to or from Pass/Fail. This is done in the Student Affairs office.

july 10 (1st session)/july 29 (9 week)/august 15 (2nd & whole)

  • Last day to drop a class.
  • Last day a students (with the dean's approval) withdraw from the University or drop a class except for urgent and substantiated, nonacademic reasons. This is done in the Student Affairs office.

july 18

  • Last day to apply for an undergraduate degree. You must apply to graduate by this date if you wish to receive your degree in August. This is done in the Student Affairs office.
  • Last day an undergraduate student may register In Absentia (If you have completed all your degree requirements, are NOT currently enrolled and now want to apply to graduate).

2014 Summer Orientation

The College of Fine Arts is holding Orientation sessions the weeks of June 4, June 9, June 16, and June 23. College of Fine Arts Transfer Orientation is June 26-27.

If you are a newly admitted student in the College of Fine Arts and have not yet registered for Summer Orientation, please contact New Student Services at 512-471-3304. Visit their website here.

Important information regarding change of major once you are admitted into the College of Fine Arts:

  • Changes to your major or college should be discussed with your advisor in your admitted college during Orientation.
  • Freshmen who wish to transfer out of their admitted college may apply as early as the spring semester for the following fall.
  • Students may request a transfer to the School of Undergraduate Studies during their freshman year if they need help in exploring a new major.