Student Organizations

Student Organizations: What are my choices?

With over 900 registered student organizations at the University of Texas at Austin, it is easy to get involved in student life. It is also easy to start a new student organization!

Search the UT Student Organization Database to find the right organization for you, or go to the Student Organization Center to start your own!

Fine Arts Student Organizations

Fine Arts Council

Fine Arts Council

Purpose: Fine Arts Council seeks to continuously raise the standard of education for Fine Arts students at The University of Texas at Austin by facilitating student-faculty interaction, promoting academic excellence, encouraging collaboration between departments and representing students in matters of college and university-wide concern. To these ends, the Council aims to foster a creative climate in which the Fine Arts students can succeed on his or her terms as a student-artist.

Functions: The Fine Arts Council meets regularly to discuss matters of academic and social concern to students, and relay that information to Department, College, and University administration with the partnership of the Senate of College Councils and Student Government. We also organize social events to develop relationships across the College, and organize cultural events to facilitate interdisciplinary interaction amongst the three departments. We oversee faculty appreciation initiatives such as the Texas Excellence in Teaching awards, Outstanding Professor awards, and Faculty Appreciation Week. We also supervise the curation of student work in the FAB Gallery, located in the DFA Student Lounge.

Undergraduate Art History Association

Purpose: To promote the visual arts and to investigate the career and educational opportunities of its members.

Functions: Establish a dialogue between the Art History and Studio Arts departments of UT to plan a bus trip to major exhibitions in Texas museums.

Design Student Association

Purpose: To provide an alternate resource for design students while exploring the field of design through lecture series, community service, and other projects outside the academic setting.

Functions: Visiting design studios, designing school posters, coordinating exhibitions.

UT Women’s Chorus


  1. To represent The University of Texas through musical performance
  2. to provide educational benefits to members
  3. to provide social benefits to students.

Functions: Performances both on and off campus to provide entertainment, and to represent The University of Texas to the best of our ability.

UT Men’s Chorus

Purpose: Further the advancement and awareness of men’s choral literature in the University of Texas, the training of men’s choral ability, and to revive the Men’s Glee Club tradition at UT.

Functions: Concerts, including performances around the UT campus and surrounding community.

UT Dance Team

Purpose: To develop the dancing skills of its members through preparation for the participation in dance competitions.

Functions: Major activities of this organization will include: 1) civic and charity performances; 2) participation in dance competitions.



  1. Make available opportunities for professional development to members
  2. acquaint them with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession
  3. provide opportunities to become acquainted with leaders in the music education professions as gained from participation in programs and demonstrations, discussions and performing groups planned by this chapter
  4. assist the school in various projects throughout the year
  5. provide opportunity for contacts with MENC student members of other schools

Functions: This includes guest lectures and attending a yearly Texas Music Educators Association convention.

Hook ‘em Arts

Purpose: Started in Spring 2007, the mission of Hook ‘em Arts is to increase student engagement and awareness of Texas Performing Arts at The University of Texas at Austin so that it becomes an integral component of campus life for all students.


  • Usher Texas Performing Arts shows and recruit new volunteer student ushers
  • Throw awesome parties
  • Learn more about the artists who perform at Texas Performing Arts (attend Q&As, talk backs, etc.)
  • Spread the word about the artists coming to campus
  • Discover new ways for students to be involved with Texas Performing Arts

Center Space Project

Purpose: Center Space Project (CSP) is the student-run organization associated with the UT Visual Arts Center.

Functions: CSP organizes and hosts a number of events including:

  • Exhibitions in the VAC Center Space Gallery
  • The Centerpiece Theater film series
  • InMaterial, an arts publication
  • Visits to local galleries and museums
  • Travel to arts locations around Texas