The M.F.A. in Directing is a three-year degree program made up of 60 hours that include both required courses in the Department of Theatre and Dance, such as Directing, Playwriting, design, Performance as Public Practice, and Acting, as well as elective courses which may be selected from offerings both within and outside of the Department of Theatre and Dance, such as Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities, Art, Film, Music, English, History, Philosophy, and Business Management.

Elective courses allow the student to shape a program of study tailored to the individual's particular interests and needs. Essentially, the program of study may be fashioned accordingly:

The First Year is dedicated to fundamental skills development, which includes script analysis, working with actors, and staging & composition; as well as collaboration with designers, writers, and dramaturges. Year Two is about the development of interpretive skills in relation to both new and previously developed work. Year Three anticipates a professional theatre internship and M.F.A. thesis.