Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting (Actor Training Program)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting endeavors to prepare students with foundational training and the education necessary for an acting career. This unique four-year program combines courses in stage acting with innovative training in devised work, film and television. Our professional faculty of working artists address past, present and anticipated trends in a professional actor’s career.

Curriculum, guest artist workshops and performance experiences reflect the uniqueness of The University of Texas at Austin by offering classes and practical experiences in department productions, collaborations with professional artists, workshops with visiting artists and the rich scholarly resources of a Tier One institution.

Attentive to acting for the camera, the B.F.A. in Acting collaborates with the Moody College of Communications’ Department of Radio-Television-Film. Upperclassmen have the option to participate in a Los Angeles residency as they prepare for working in the industry through the UT Semester in Los Angeles program.

B.F.A. in Acting Course Overview

First Year

  • T D 313C Acting I: Approaches to incorporating Stanislavski-based principles in acting, including dramatic action, given circumstances, subtext, sense memory, the magic if, tempo/rhythm, etc.
  • T D 313F Voice & Movement I: Understanding the relationship between voice and body in acting; freeing tension, releasing vocal power, and enabling physical expression.
  • T D 313D Acting II: Continuation of Acting I. Application of Stanislavski-based principles to scene work selected from realistic genres.
  • T D 313G Voice & Movement II: Continuation of Voice & Movement I.  Deeper understanding of the vocal-physical connection as a means of playing dramatic action.  

Second Year

  • T D 313E Acting III: Continuation of Acting II with greater emphasis on personalization of character needs, given circumstances, actor-to-actor communication and emotional life.
  • T D 313K Voice Lab I: Advanced voice and speech work in breath, support, placement, focus, range, resonance, articulation and endurance. Emphasis placed on personalization of language and text from selected plays.
  • T D 313M Movement Lab I: Using the body as an instrument for playing action and bringing the actor to a deeper understanding of physical stage presence.
  • T D 323F Acting Shakespeare: Incorporating language as action by applying basic acting principles to the demands of Shakespearean text.
  • T D 313L Voice Lab II: Continuation of advanced voice and speech work connected to personalization and truth in speaking classical and heightened text.
  • T D 313N Movement Lab II: The practice of physical theatre disciplines as a means of deepening the actor’s understanding of character and behavior.

Third Year

  • T D 353C Devising Work: A course surveying contemporary devising techniques. Work explores present-day parallels for making performance for both individual and collaborative practices. This course will result in a presentation of work devised by the acting class.
  • T D 353T or 353K Acting Topics: Essential skills in relation to Acting in Period Plays. Tailored to respective class needs and may include Shakespeare—from rehearsal to production.
  • T D 323G Acting in Period Plays: Empowering the actor’s personal and artistic growth through the exploration of classical and idiosyncratic texts.

Fourth Year

  • T D 353D Acting for the Camera I: Fundamentals of acting for the camera; adjusting from the stage to the demands of the camera.
  • T D 353Q Portfolio Preparation: Selection and rehearsal of materials in preparation for professional acting interviews and auditions.

Students will also complete twelve (12) hours of approved concentration courses depending on interest. These may include industry internships, and/or study off campus and/or abroad. For example, Acting for the Camera II (T D 353E) is offered through the UT Semester in Los Angeles program and may count toward elective hours.

Auditions for the B.F.A. in Acting

Applicants must audition to be considered for the B.F.A. in Acting.
 Please note that some audition dates precede application deadlines.

How can I audition?
Auditions for Fall 2014 have passed. Please visit our website in July for more information on applying to UT Austin for the Fall of 2015.

What should I prepare for an audition?
For an on-campus audition, prepare two contemporary, contrasting monologues totaling two minutes in length from published play scripts. Audition requirements for regional auditions will vary. View how to prepare an online audition and tips on audition preparation from our faculty.

Important Information and Deadlines

Freshmen Applicants

Applicants attending a live audition must submit the Department Application no later than December 1, or three days before your intended audition date. Online auditions are due by December 1.

Applicants may register for an audition any time after August 1, but we ask that you begin your ApplyTexas application before attending an audition or submitting an online audition.  It is critical that you complete your application, along with submitting all supporting documents and forms on time. The ApplyTexas application deadline is December 1. Applicants may check the status of their application materials through their MyStatus page, after beginning their application.

Applicants who have applied to the B.F.A. in Acting may also be considered for the B.A. in Theatre and Dance only if they indicate this as a preference in the Department of Theatre and Dance Application. Applicants should NOT list the B.A. in Theatre and Dance as a second-choice major on ApplyTexas.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants are welcome to pursue general performance studies in the B.A. in Theatre and Dance degree, but are not eligible to audition for the B.F.A. in Acting since this is a four-year sequence of training with UT Austin faculty.

Keep in mind that the B.F.A. in Acting  is a four-year program. Regardless of the coursework you may have pursued in theatre with another institution, this program expects students to progress through the curriculum with the ensemble group they are admitted into, receiving their training from UT Austin faculty. For this reason, we recommend transfer applicants consider the flexibility of the B.A. in Theatre and Dance, rather than the rigid structure of the B.F.A. in Acting.

Current Students at UT Austin

Current UT Austin students majoring in the Department of Theatre and Dance may audition for the B.F.A in Acting but should speak with Mark-Anthony Zuniga, Academic Advisor, before requesting an audition.

Keep in mind that the B.F.A. in Acting is a four-year program. The rigid structure of this program does not allow for students to pursue certificates or simultaneous majors outside of their acting coursework. Students are admitted as entering cohorts, so applicants must wait until the next fall semester to begin studies in the B.F.A. in Acting, which may delay timeline to degree. For these reasons, we strongly encourage current students to remain in the B.A. in Theatre and Dance, working with their advisor to pursue acting electives.

Current UT Austin students who are not currently majoring in the Department of Theatre and Dance are welcome to pursue general studies in the B.A. in Theatre and Dance degree, but are not eligible to audition for the B.F.A. in Acting.

For more information, please contact:

Alyse DeSoto
Admissions Coordinator