B.F.A. in Dance—Register to Audition

Applicants must audition to be considered for the B.F.A. in Dance.
Please note that audition dates precede application deadlines.

How can I audition?
Auditions are available on campus, at regional events, or online. Applicants who audition online may be asked to visit UT Austin to attend class with our faculty before a final admissions decision will be made.

What takes place at a typical dance audition?
On-campus auditions last from 8 a.m.—2 p.m. and consist of a ballet class, a contemporary class, interviews with our faculty, tours, Q&As and a demonstration from current students. Applicants will receive detailed instructions for how to prepare after registering for their audition.

How do I register to audition?

Choose ONE of the following options:

Online Audition should include:
• Ballet Barre, executing each of the following once: plies, port de bras, battementtendu, battement degage, rond de jambe a terre, fondu, grands battement and balances in retire and attitude derriere. (Up to 3 minutes)
• Ballet Center, performing the following: 1 adagio exhibiting developpé devant, a la second and promenade in arabesque, 1 turning combination with en dehors and en de dans pirouettes in retire, 1 petite allegro combination, 1 grand allegro combination. (Up to 5 minutes).
• Contemporary Combination, performing modern technique or improvisation. Please state which option you choose and who created the combination. (64 counts minimum, Up to 1 minute)
• Personal Introduction including UTEID (30 seconds)
• Dance Resume

If attending a live audition, submit an artistic resume and headshot to tadadmissions@utexas.edu before your audition date. If auditioning online, be prepared to upload these documents with your audition media. 

Important Information and Deadlines  

Freshmen applicants must complete the Department Application to register to attend an audition no later than three business days before their intended audition. Review audition dates. Online auditions are due by December 1.

Current UT Austin students majoring in other programs, departments, or colleges who wish to change their major to the B.F.A. in Dance are welcome to attend class placement auditions at the start of each semester. Faculty evaluation and space availability will determine whether a student can enroll in restricted dance courses. Only students who have completed courses applicable to the B.F.A. in Dance degree will be considered for a change of major. Applicants should make an appointment with the department’s academic advisor, as well as with Dance faculty David Justin or Lyn Wiltshire before applying. Application for Change of Major (Available Feb. 1) and artistic resume are due no later than March 1. Only applicants with fewer than 40 UT Austin credit hours, who demonstrate a timely path to degree completion, will be considered.