Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

October 30, 2012

Image: Elizabeth Richmond Garza


Elizabeth Richmond-Garza: Do We Lead Double Lives? #JekyllHyde

College of Liberal Arts

One hundred fifty years ago it was more important to act appropriately than to act sincerely. Victorians were comfortable with people leading double lives, as long as those lives were kept separate. Work, family and especially any bad habits were seen as different worlds, not only as parts of one individual. Twitter, Facebook and other social media tempt us to create alternative identities for ourselves, but as Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll found out, becoming Mr. Hyde is dangerous as well as exciting. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza sets a gothic mood by traveling to Jack the Ripper’s London, which was not as different from today as you might think.

About Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

Dr. Richmond-Garza is Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of English at The University of Texas at Austin and director of the program in Comparative Literature. She holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, Oxford University and Columbia University and has held Mellon and Fulbright fellowships. She writes on Orientalism, Cleopatra, Oscar Wilde, Renaissance drama, the Gothic, and literary theory.  She is currently finishing a study of decadent culture at the end of the 19th century. She teaches theater, aesthetics and the fine arts and works actively in eight foreign languages. Richmond-Garza’s multimedia approach to teaching has been honored by a dozen teaching awards at The University of Texas at Austin and across the state of Texas.