Zachary Elkins

Zachary Elkins

Original Air Date: December 10, 2013

With a grant from Google Ideas to the University of Texas, Zach Elkins and his colleagues Tom Ginsburg (University of Chicago) and James Melton (University College London) created Constitute, a free online resource that offers a growing set of constitutional texts that users can compare systematically across a broad set of topics. The website launched Sept. 23, 2013 at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Constitute is also supported by IC² Institute at The University of Texas at Austin.

The website is built with data from the team's Comparative Constitutions Project, a National Science Foundation-funded project that catalogs text and analysis from more than 900 current and historical constitutions since 1789. Currently Constitute includes every constitution that was in force in September, 2013 for every independent state in the world. Soon it will include data and text for a version of every available constitution ever written since 1789.

The Constitute Project:



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