John Doggett

Nov. 29, 2011

John Doggett

John Doggett: Ugly Baby Glasses: Debt, Global Competition and America’s Future
McCombs School of Business

John Doggett talked about how America’s crushing debt burden is limiting America’s ability to compete just as China, India and Brazil are becoming world class economies. He gave examples of the new and innovative ways these countries are competing on a global basis. The good news is that if Americans stop complaining (whining) about China and start taking advantage of our inherent strengths, America can turn things around. He concluded by talking about an area of innovation that really excites him: generating electricity from the ocean.

Key Points

Download Doggett's takeaways for "Ugly Baby Glasses" (PDF). Download Adobe Reader.

About John Doggett

John Doggett has been an award-winning senior lecturer at the university's McCombs School of Business since 1989. His academic focus is on global competition, entrepreneurship and sustainable energy. He has extensive business and consulting experience with firms of all sizes in Asia, Europe and the United States. Doggett has also taught seminars on global competition and entrepreneurship at universities in Austria, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Taiwan. His latest project is to turn his speeches into a book that will both challenge and inspire Americans to stop whining and start competing again. The tentative title is “Ugly Baby Glasses: Debt, Global Competition and America’s Future.”