Raising Our Graduation Rates

Recommendations from the Task Force on Undergraduate Graduation Rates

70 Percent Should Earn Degrees in Four Years

Just over half of University of Texas at Austin undergraduates earn their bachelor's degrees within four years. This rate has been increasing steadily for two decades — but can and should be higher. To that end, President Bill Powers has set a goal of graduating 70 percent of our students within four years and appointed the Task Force on Undergraduate Graduation Rates to develop strategies to achieve this goal.

The task force believes that by 2016 the university can reach this ambitious goal by enhancing the first-year and freshman orientation experience and by improving advising and student tracking. The task force has made more than 60 specific recommendations to get this accomplished.

Graph of University of Texas at Austin graduation rates

GRADUATION RATES at the University of Texas at Austin have steadily increased over the past three decades.
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When students graduate in four years, they reach commencement sooner, begin their careers or graduate school sooner, and incur less debt. Their parents save money on tuition. The university gains additional capacity for new students. And the state develops well-educated citizens who can serve their communities and make immediate contributions to the economy.

By implementing the task force's recommendations and reaching our goal, The University of Texas at Austin will continue to fulfill its constitutional mandate as "a university of the first class for the people of Texas."

Students Speak Out About Task Force Experience

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Shannon Allport, a senior biology and pre-medical student from Baytown, Texas, and Gilbert Ortega-Rivera, a senior English major from El Paso, Texas, discuss their role on the task force and the challenges students face in graduating at the end of four years.

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News & Information

Report of the Task Force on Enrollment Strategy (2003) [PDF]

Report of the Task Force on Curricular Reform (2005) [PDF]

Report of the Second Task Force on Enrollment Strategy (2009) [PDF]

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Task Force Members

Dr. Randy Diehl (Chair)
Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Ms. Shannon Allport
Senior, Biology/Premed
Dr. Charles Ramirez Berg
Professor, Dept. of
Dr. Rowena Fong
Professor, School of Social Work
Dr. Robert Gilbert
Professor, Dept. of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Beverly Hadaway
Associate Professor, Dept. of Finance
Dr. Brent Iverson
Professor, Dept. Chair, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mr. Gilberto Ortega-Rivera
Senior, English
Ms. Ilse Quijano
Senior, Communication Studies/
Political Communication
Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-garza
Associate Professor, Dept. of English
Dr. Mary Steinhardt
Professor, Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Education
Mr. Fransisco J. Tamayo
Senior, Accounting-
Professional Program
Dr. Philip Uri Treisman
Professor, Dept. Of Mathematics
Mr. Wesley Williams
Senior, Government

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