Gallery of Texas Cultures

Welcome to the Gallery of Texas Cultures website. The site was designed to support and enhance the Gallery of Texas Cultures.

The Gallery of Texas Cultures recognizes, celebrates and affirms the historical and contemporary impact on all Texans of 32 cultures in the State of Texas. Visitors are invited to learn the contributions of the cultures to politics, education, the arts and sciences and other facets of life in Texas. The gallery enhances the cultural community while providing an interesting and inviting space for meetings, programs and learning.

The gallery grew out of discussions among students and staff members of the Division of Housing and Food Service (DHFS). DHFS was looking for new ways to contribute to student learning and to develop appreciation for the diversity of Texas. After extensive discussions with student leaders and professionals across the state, Director Floyd Hoelting, DHFS staff and students embarked on a mission to create the Texas Cultures Gallery on the second floor of the Jester West Residence Hall.

The Gallery of Texas Cultures illustrates details of ethnic groups that have made Texas what it is today and how they lived differently and similarly to each other. As a visual resource, the gallery is intended to increase the knowledge of the history and contributions of ethnic groups among students, faculty, staff and visitors while as a physical resource, the gallery is intended to provide the venue to inspire conversation, learning and a greater understanding of others.