Marsha Gomez
“The energy and spirit that go into my work result in a unique expression of respect and reverence for women, the Earth, and indigenous way of life. ”

Listing of Great Texas Women

Find information about Texas women who have helped shape the history of Texas. Search by name, click on a letter to list alphabetically or use the search engine to find a particular person.

Karolyi, MarthaCoach
Kasmeier, Julia Chrystine (1899 - 1979)Health Professional
Keating, Mary Aubrey (1894 - 1953)
Keiller, Violet Hannah (1887 - 1958)Health Professional
Kenedy, Petra Vela de Vidal (1825 - 1885)Rancher
Kennedy, KathyCowgirl
Kenny, Shirley StrumEducator
Kibbe, Pauline Rochester (1909 - ?)Advocate
Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann (1839 - 1916)Educator
Kimbell, Velma Fuller (1887 - 1982)Philanthropist
King, Henrietta Chamberlain (1832 - 1925)In the Gallery | Rancher
Kinkaid, Margaret Hunter (1874 - 1951)Educator
Kirby, Helen (1837 - 1921)Educator
Kirk, Lynne MarcumHealth Professional
Kirkland, Elithe HamiltonAuthor
Kirkley, Bertha (1868 - 1949)Educator
Kirkpatrick, Alice Glass (1911 - 1976)Civic Leader
Kleberg, Rosalie Von Roeder (1813 - 1907)Pioneer
Kleberg, Helen Campbell (1902 - 1963)Philanthropist
Knight, Mavis B.Civic Leader
Kohlberg, Olga Bernstein (1864 - 1935)Activist | Civic Leader | In the Gallery | Philanthropist
Kopperl, Isabella Dyer (1835 - 1902)Philanthropist
Kretzschmar, AngelinaActivist
Krey, Laura Letitia Smith (1890 - 1985)Author
Kruger, Fania Feldman (1893 - 1977)Poet
Krusen, Ursula M. Leden (1921 - 1973)Educator | Health Professional