Selena Perez
“I hope to make a lot of people happy with my music. . . . Words have a strong message, and somewhere out there somebody?s going through something. And if I can touch somebody in that way, that?s the ultimate.”

Listing of Great Texas Women

Find information about Texas women who have helped shape the history of Texas. Search by name, click on a letter to list alphabetically or use the search engine to find a particular person.

Karolyi, MarthaCoach
Kasmeier, Julia Chrystine (1899 - 1979)Health Professional
Keating, Mary Aubrey (1894 - 1953)
Keiller, Violet Hannah (1887 - 1958)Health Professional
Kenedy, Petra Vela de Vidal (1825 - 1885)Rancher
Kennedy, KathyCowgirl
Kenny, Shirley StrumEducator
Kibbe, Pauline Rochester (1909 - ?)Advocate
Kidd-Key, Lucy Ann (1839 - 1916)Educator
Kimbell, Velma Fuller (1887 - 1982)Philanthropist
King, Henrietta Chamberlain (1832 - 1925)In the Gallery | Rancher
Kinkaid, Margaret Hunter (1874 - 1951)Educator
Kirby, Helen (1837 - 1921)Educator
Kirk, Lynne MarcumHealth Professional
Kirkland, Elithe HamiltonAuthor
Kirkley, Bertha (1868 - 1949)Educator
Kirkpatrick, Alice Glass (1911 - 1976)Civic Leader
Kleberg, Rosalie Von Roeder (1813 - 1907)Pioneer
Kleberg, Helen Campbell (1902 - 1963)Philanthropist
Knight, Mavis B.Civic Leader
Kohlberg, Olga Bernstein (1864 - 1935)Activist | Civic Leader | In the Gallery | Philanthropist
Kopperl, Isabella Dyer (1835 - 1902)Philanthropist
Kretzschmar, AngelinaActivist
Krey, Laura Letitia Smith (1890 - 1985)Author
Kruger, Fania Feldman (1893 - 1977)Poet
Krusen, Ursula M. Leden (1921 - 1973)Educator | Health Professional