Ninfa Laurenzo
“There is an attitude in Texas that makes you feel you can do anything you want to do. I admire so many women who have come out of Texas and done well. I like the image Texas brings to mind?that of bigness, of strength, of goodness. ”

Listing of Great Texas Women

Find information about Texas women who have helped shape the history of Texas. Search by name, click on a letter to list alphabetically or use the search engine to find a particular person.

La Mond, Stella (1893 - 1968)Artist | Educator
Landrum, Miriam Gordon (1893 - 1967)Pianist
Lane, Theresa Angela [Sr. M. Claude]Librarian
Langtry, Emilie CharlotteActress
Lanham, Sarah Beona MengFirst Lady of Texas
Laurenzo, Ninfa (1924 - 2001)Businesswoman | In the Gallery
Lavender, Eugenie Etiennette Aubenel (1817 - 1898)Painter
Lea, Mabel DossRancher
Lea, Nancy MoffettePioneer
Leak, Frances Elizabeth DanielHealth Professional
Lease, Mary Elizabeth ClyensWriter
Leavell, Marie (1906 - 1952)Businesswoman
Lee, Amy FreemanArtist
Lentz, Sallie Starr Mcgee (1896 - 1962)Historian
Leseur, Lucille Fay (1906 - 1977)Actress
Lewallen, Nita BrooksCowgirl
Lewis, Willie NewburyHistorian
Lindhe, VinMusician
Lindsey, Therese Kayser (1870 - 1957)Poet
Linton, Dolores Burton (1910 - 1980)Educator
Lloyd-Curry, AndreaAthlete
Lockhart, Matilda (1825 - ?)Indian Captive
Loetscher, IlaActivist
Long, Teresa LozanoEducator
Long, Jane (1798 - 1880)In the Gallery | Pioneer
Looscan, Adele Lubbock Briscoe (1848 - 1935)Historian
Lopiano, DonnaAthlete
Losoya Taylor, PaulaPioneer
Lowry, BeverlyWriter
Lozano, Alicia Guadalupe Elizondo DePhilanthropist
Lucas, TadCowgirl
Lucas, Barbara InezRodeo Champion
Lucchese, JosephineSinger
Lynch, SholaAthlete