Mary Kay Ash
“I envisioned a company in which any woman could become just as successful as she wanted to be. The doors would be wide open to opportunity for women who were willing to pay the price and had the courage to dream.”

Listing of Great Texas Women

Find information about Texas women who have helped shape the history of Texas. Search by name, click on a letter to list alphabetically or use the search engine to find a particular person.

Maas, Isabella OffenbachSinger
Mabie, Victoria Louise Massey (1902 - 1983)Singer
Macagy, Jermayne (1914 - 1964)Museum Director
Machuca, Esther Nieto (1895 - 1980)Advocate
Mack, Pauline (1891 - 1974)Educator
Macleary, Bonnie (1890 - 1971)Sculptor
Madrid, Lucia RedeEducator
Maffett, Minnie LeeHealth Professional
Maines, Natalie Singer
Major, MabelFolklorist
Malone, GoldiaCowgirl
Malouf, Dian LeatherberryPhotographer
Mangold, Anna HoneckBusinesswoman
Mann, Pamelia DickinsonBusinesswoman
Mansfield, JayneActress
Marcus, Minnie LichtensteinBusinesswoman
Marion, Anne W.Cowgirl
Marrs, Ina CaddellActivist
Marsh, TinaSinger
Martin, Clyde InezEducator
Martin, Mary Virginia
Martin, Anna Henriette MebusBusinesswoman
Martinez, AnitaCivic Leader
Martinez, Vilma S.Lawyer
Martinez, Faustina PorrasBusinesswoman
Matthews, Sallie Ann Reynolds (1861 - 1938)Pioneer
Maverick, Lucy Madison (1883 - 1967)Artist
Maverick, Mary Ann Adams (1818 - 1898)Pioneer
Mayhall, Mildred Mary PickleHistorian
McBride, Billie HinsonCowgirl
McCallum, Jane Legette Yelvington (1877 - 1957)Author | In the Gallery | Politician | Suffragist
McClendon, Sarah (1910 - 2003)Journalist
McCormick, MargaretRancher
McDonald, Gabrielle KirkFederal Judge
McDonald, LaurenHealth Professional
McGonigle, Ruth Eugenia Young (1902 - 1984)Businesswoman
McKnight, Mamie L.Historian
McWhirter, Martha (1827 - 1904)Advocate | In the Gallery
Mcbride, Laura Lee OwensSinger
Mcclung, Florence Elliott White (1894 - 1992)Painter
Mcfaddin, Ida Regina CaldwellCivic Leader
Mcfarland, Mae Wynne (1884 - 1962)Preservationist
Mcgiffin, Lewis Lee ShafferAuthor
Mcguire, Alice Rebecca BrooksLibrarian
Mckanna, Edith Whatley Aviator
Mckenna, Verna JacksonHistorian
Mckinzie, Elizabeth (1778 - 1840)Pioneer
Mcnay, Jessie Marion KooglerPhilanthropist
Mcnutt, ElizabethPioneer
Mcpherson, Lydia StarrJournalist
Mcveigh, Blanche (1895 - 1970)Artist
Meadows, SandraCoach
Meharg, Emma GrigsbyPolitician
Melillo, DixieHealth Professional
Mendenahll, TrinidadBusinesswoman
Mendez, Consuelo Herrera Activist
Mendoza, LeonoraComposer
Mendoza, Lydia (1916 - Present)Singer
Menken, Adah Isaacs (1835 - 1868)Actress | In the Gallery
Mesinger, MaxineAuthor
Mexia De Reygades, Ynes (1870 - 1938)Naturalist
Michaelis, Aline Triplett (1885 - 1958)
Milam, Lena TriplettTeacher
Miller, VassarPoet
Miller, AnnActress
Miller, Mary E. BufordEducator
Minick, PamCowgirl
Mireles, Jovita Gonzalez deEducator
Mitchell, BetsyAthlete
Mohl, Aurelia HadleyJournalist
Molina, DianaPhotographer
Montague, Eleanor D.Health Professional
Montemayor, Alice Dickerson (1902 - 1989)Activist
Montgomery, Vaida Stewart (1888 - 1959)Poet
Montoya, ReginaBusinesswoman
Mooar, Margaret McCollumEducator
Mood, Martha Marie Wagele (1908 - 1972)
Moody, Mildred PaxtonFirst Lady of Texas
Moore, Helen EdmundsPolitician
Moore, Bernice MilburnEducator
Moore, Patsy L. SmithJudge
Morse, Ella MaeSinger
Morton, Azie TaylorPolitician
Mosley, Dixie RegerCowgirl
Mossiker, Frances SangerHistorian
Mulvihill, Ceci MilesBusinesswoman
Munguia, Carolina MalpicaActivist
Murdaugh, Sister AngelaCivic Leader
Murrah, Sue Ellen TaylorFirst Lady of Texas
Murray, LaneEducator
Myres, Sandra L. SwickardHistorian