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Listing of Great Texas Women

Find information about Texas women who have helped shape the history of Texas. Search by name, click on a letter to list alphabetically or use the search engine to find a particular person.

O'Brien, Esse Forrester (1894 - 1975)Poet
O'Connor, Elizabeth Paschal (1850 - 1931)Writer
O'Connor, Sandra Day (1930 - Present)Supreme Court Justice
O'Connor, Kathryn Carlisle Stoner (1883 - 1979)Historian
O'Daniel, Merle Estelle ButcherFirst Lady of Texas
O'Docharty, Susanna Dougharty (1804 - 1874)Pioneer
O'Donnell, Edith JonesPhilanthropist
O'Hair, Mary McClellan (1869 - 1936)Educator
O'Keeffe, Georgia Totto (1887 - 1986)Photographer
O'Shea, Elena Zamora (1880 - 1951)Educator
Oliver-Eakle, Melissa DoraBusinesswoman
Olson, Barbara Kay Bracher (1955 - 2001)
Onderdonk, Eleanor Rogers (1884 - 1964)Painter
Ontiveros, LupeActress
Oscar, GussiePianist
Osterman, Rosanna DyerHealth Professional
Oujesky, Helen MatusevichEducator
Owen, MayHealth Professional
Owen, Priscilla RichmanJudge
Owens, Claire MyersWriter
Owens, Elizabeth Mcanulty (1827 - 1905)Pioneer
Owens, MargaretCowgirl