Mary Kay Ash
“I envisioned a company in which any woman could become just as successful as she wanted to be. The doors would be wide open to opportunity for women who were willing to pay the price and had the courage to dream.”

Listing of Great Texas Women

Find information about Texas women who have helped shape the history of Texas. Search by name, click on a letter to list alphabetically or use the search engine to find a particular person.

Padgitt, Kate RossPhilanthropist
Pankey, Mary Ann KennedyPioneer
Pape, Eleanor Fay JurneyPhilanthropist
Parker, Clara MayAuthor
Parker, Cynthia Ann (1825 - 1871)Indian Captive
Parsons, Lucy Eldine (1853 - 1942)Activist | In the Gallery
Patterson, SheronReligious Leader
Patterson, NormaAuthor
Pease, Lucadia Christiana NilesFirst Lady of Texas
Peck, MargaretEducator
Pemberton, Doris HollisHistorian
Pennington, JoanAthlete
Pennybacker, Anna (1861 - 1938)Activist | Author | In the Gallery | Teacher
Perez, Beatriz Tagle Activist
Perkins, Lois CraddockPhilanthropist
Perry, Oma BellPhilanthropist
Perry, Emily Margaret Austin (1795 - 1851)Pioneer
Petty, OpalAdvocate
Phillips, Gretchen Singer
Phillips, EstherSinger
Philpott, MargaretActress
Phinney, Louise Snow
Pickett, PameliaPioneer
Pierce, Aaronetta HamiltonCivic Leader
Piester, Ruby LeeCivic Leader
Pinckney, Susanna Shubrick HayneNovelist
Pinckney, Pauline A.Historian
Pittman, Portia Marshall WashingtonMusician
Pix, Sarah Ridge (1814 - 1891)Pioneer
Plummer, Helen JeanneGeologist
Plummer, Rachel Parker (1819 - 1839)Indian Captive
Poe, CarolineEducator
Polk, Naomi (1892 - 1984)
Pollock, Gale S.Health Professional
Pope, Lena Holston (1881 - 1976)Founder
Porco, AnitaHealth Professional
Porter, Sophia Suttenfield (1815 - 1897)
Porter, Gladys SamsPhilanthropist
Porter, Katherine Anne (1890 - 1980)Author | In the Gallery
Porter, Jenny LindEducator
Post, Marjorie MerriweatherPhilanthropist
Potter, ClaudiaHealth Professional
Potter, Fannie Cora BellowsHistorian
Powers, Evelyn GassHealth Professional
Price, Lucie CliftHistorian
Price, Maryann Singer
Priour, Rosalie Hart (1825 - 1903)Pioneer
Prosser, Inez BeverlyEducator
Pulley, TegwinBusinesswoman
Purcell, Mabelle AgnesEducator