Barbara Jordan
“Human rights is not a temporary or transitory political issue. We have got to respect the humanity of each other and know that no one has the right to rule others.”

Listing of Great Texas Women

Find information about Texas women who have helped shape the history of Texas. Search by name, click on a letter to list alphabetically or use the search engine to find a particular person.

Waerenskjold, Elise Amalie Tvede (1815 - 1895)Author | In the Gallery | Journalist | Pioneer
Waggoner, Linda AndrewsAthlete
Walker, Darthula AdalineEducator
Walker, CindyMusician
Wallace, Lucy HopsonHistorian
Wallace, Beulah Thomas [Sippie] (1898 - 1985)Singer
Walter, Hulda Saenger (1867 - 1929)Poet
Ward, Mamie Louise McfaddinPhilanthropist
Ward, Hortense Sparks (1872 - 1944)Activist
Wardlaw, Alvia J.Educator
Warner, Phebe KerrickActivist
Watters, Anna GrayActivist
Watts, Lala FayActivist
Webster, KatieSinger
Weddington, Sarah
Weinert, Hilda BlumbergActivist
Weis, PatCoach
Weismann, Elizabeth WilderEducator
Welch, SheilaCowgirl
Wells, MarthaWriter
Werlin, Rosella HorowitzJournalist
West, Mary NanRancher
West, Elizabeth HowardLibrarian
West, Emily D.Pioneer
Westerfeldt, Myrtle MathisenAthlete
Wetzel, Jane AllmanCivic Leader
White, Thelma Joyce (1936 - 1985)Civil Rights Activist
White, Mattie B. HaywoodEducator
White, Lulu Belle Madison Civil Rights Activist
White, Amy Comstock (1775 - 1853)Pioneer
White, Linda GaleCowgirl
Whitehouse, Eula (1892 - 1974)Botanist
Whitmire, Kathryn J.Mayor
Whitten, VirginiaArchivist
Whitworth, KathyAthlete
Whyte, Edna GardnerAviator
Wilkins, Jane Mason (1787 - 1848)Pioneer
Williams, Lizzie Johnson (1840 - 1924)In the Gallery | Rancher
Williams, AnnDancer
Williams, Amelia WorthingtonHistorian
Williams, BeverlyAthlete
Williams, JoBethActress
Williamson, Clara McDonald (1875 - 1976)Painter
Willie, Carrie SykesEducator
Willoughby, Clara Starr PopeActivist
Wills, Mary Motz (1875 - 1961)Artist
Wilmans, Edith Eunice Therrel (1882 - 1966)Politician
Wilson, TrishaInterior Designer
Wilson, Jane Adeline Smith (1837 - ?)Indian Captive
Wilson, Augusta Jane EvansAuthor
Wilson, Louita DodsonScientist
Winegarten, Ruthe Lewin (1929 - 2004)Advocate
Winn, Mary LouiseActress
Wong, MarthaEducator
Wood, Martha Evans GindratFirst Lady of Texas
Wooten, Mattie Lloyd IrvinEducator
Wortham, Elizabeth Lyndall FinleyCivic Leader
Wright, Mary Maud DunnWriter
Wright, Margaret Theresa Robertson (1789 - 1878)Pioneer