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Donald D. Harrington Fellows Program  

Harrington Faculty Fellows Program
Current Faculty Fellows
Patrick Jagoda

Professor Patrick Jagoda
University of Chicago
Fellowship awarded 2014
UT Austin Host: Department of American Studies

Professor Jagoda’s research focuses on the ways that novels, films, television series, and digital media aestheticize networks, as metaphors and material systems, in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. His other work explores experimental videogames, transmedia storytelling, and the nature of play in contemporary American life. Alongside his traditional scholarship, Jagoda collaborates on a number of practice-based research projects from board games to alternate reality games about social and emotional health.

Brian Herrera

Professor Brian Herrera
Princeton University
Fellowship awarded 2014
UT Austin host: Department of Theatre and Dance

Professor Herrera examines the history of gender, sexuality and race within and through U.S. popular performance. He is particularly interested in how the labor of performers moves among industries, disciplines, and media in ways that document not only the general importance of performance within American life, but also the particular work that performers are asked to do in times of cultural, demographic, and political upheaval.



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