The University of Texas at Austin
Donald D. Harrington Fellows Program

Graduate Harrington Fellows Program


Kelly Banneyer

Kelly Banneyer


From Rice University

UT Austin: Department of Educational Psychology


Kelly Banneyer is interested in the etiology and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. She has worked with researchers studying autism and mood disorders in the past and is hoping to further define her own research interests and goals through study in the School Psychology Program.

Kathryn L. Bonnen

Kathryn L. Bonnen


From Michigan State University

UT Austin: Section of Neurobiology


Kathryn Bonnen is interested in human perception and learning. She intends to use neuroimaging (i.e., functional magnetic resonance imaging - fMRI), behavioral experiments, and computational modeling to better understand how the brain accumulates knowledge, integrates that knowledge, and leverages it during decision making.

I-Hsiao Michelle Chen

I-Hsiao Michelle Chen

Modern Chinese Literature

From Wesleyan University

UT Austin: Department of Asian Studies


Michelle Chen studies Sinophone literature and culture, and how identities and localities are articulated in works written/produced in Chinese. She is interested in the ways in which the Chinese language is morphed, altered, and created by various writers/filmmakers/musicians in modern times, and its literary, political and cultural implications.

Brandon DeKosky

Brandon DeKosky

Chemical Engineering

From University of Kansas

UT Austin: Department of Chemical Engineering


Brandon is investigating the gene expression of antibody-secreting B-cells toward the creation of new antibody therapeutics. He is most interested in studying the genetic recombination that gives rise to the enormous diversity of antibodies in human immune systems.

Addison Kemp

Addison Kemp

Physical Anthropology

From Mount Holyoke College

UT Austin: Department of Anthropology


Addison Kemp is interested in the evolution of and relationship between morphology and biological function. She is particularly interested in hand morphology and arboreal locomotion and approaches these topics from evolutionary, biomechnical, developmental and comparative perspectives.

Katherine Lininger

Katherine Lininger

Geography and the Environment

From University of Wisconsin - Madison

UT Austin: Department of Geography and the Environment


Katherine Lininger is interested in geomorphology, water resources, and human-environment interactions. She is currently conducting research on the hydro-geomorphology of the Araguaia River in central Brazil. Lininger also plans to examine the impacts of land-use changes within the watershed.


Kathleen McElroy

Kathleen McElroy

News Media Studies

From New York University

UT Austin: Department of Journalism


Kathleen McElroy is interested in the intersection of reader engagement (especially comments) and news media coverage, potentially focusing on less-scrutinized productions like obituaries, food reporting and cultural reviews.

Brian Muzas

Brian Muzás

Theology; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

from Seton Hall University; Princeton

UT Austin: LBJ School of Public Affairs


Rev. Brian Keenan Muzás is interested in international public policy concerning the technical issues, ethical considerations, and security questions surrounding nuclear weapons and missile defense systems. He is interested in how the structures, commitments, and practices of science and technology affect peace, security, political discourse, and human values.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

From University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

UT Austin: Department of Middle Eastern Studies


Michael Turner studies the language and culture of the Middle East and North Africa, with a focus on the Arabic dialects and Amazigh (Berber) languages of the modern-day Maghreb. He seeks to understand their respective development as a product of language contact and population movements.

Han-Gyol Yi

Han-Gyol Yi

Communication Sciences and Disorders

From Northwestern University

UT Austin: Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


Han-Gyol Yi is interested in using neuroimaging technique to discover the biological correlates of cross-cultural and linguistic experiences.

Christopher Yust

Christopher Yust


From Texas A&M University

UT Austin: Department of Accounting


Chris Yust is interested in how capital markets react to and use accounting information. He uses statistical analysis to determine how accounting and financial choices made by firms or required by regulators affect stock prices and returns.

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