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2005-2006 Fellows

  Doctoral Fellows
Michael Crawley

Michael Crawley


Previous degree from Indiana University

UT Austin: Department of Accounting


Michael Crawley’s research focuses on how capital markets react to the release of accounting information. Crawley uses statistical tools to determine how accounting and financial reporting choices made by firms affect stock prices.

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis

Communication Studies

Previous degree from North Carolina University

UT Austin: Department of Communication Studies


Jennifer Davis investigates the use of information and communication technologies in groups and organizations. She is particularly interested in the relationship between new communication technologies and social networks, as well as the uses and effects of information aggregation technologies such as RSS (Rich Site Summary).

Nishta Mehta

Nishtha Mehta

Community and Regional Planning

Previous degree from University of Michigan

UT Austin: School of Architecture


Nishtha Mehta’s research focuses on the travel behavior of lower socio-economic classes in developing countries. She is also interested in finding low-cost solutions to the current transit problems, such as lack of safety and transportation options, which affect the poorer section of urban dwellers in South Asian countries.

Michael Pettes

Michael Pettes

Mechanical Engineering

Previous degree from Duke University

UT Austin: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Michael Pettes analyzes the design and materials characterization of micro and nanoscale structures, such as thermoelectric generators and coolers.

Dissertation Fellows
Richard Kent, IV

Richard P. Kent, IV


Previous degree from University of North Carolina - Asheville

UT Austin: Department of Mathematics


Richard Kent’s work focuses on low dimensional hyperbolic manifolds. In particular, he studies the structure of Kleinian groups, a mathematical theory, and analogous structure in the mapping class groups of surfaces.

Lev Michael

Lev Michael


Previous degree from The University of Texas at Austin

UT Austin: Department of Anthropology


Lev Michael’s research focuses on the grammatical structure of Amazonian languages and how speakers of these languages employ grammatical resources in social interactions. Michael is interested in the influence of culture and social organization on language use, and conversely, in language as a resource for social maintenance and transformation.

Master's Fellows
Bhart-Anjan Bhullar

Bhart-Anjan Bhullar

Geological Sciences

Previous degree from Yale University

UT Austin: Department of Geological Sciences


Bhart-Anjan S. Bhullar’s research addresses organism-focused questions about the evolutionary and ontogenetic patterns of vertebrate anatomy by integrating methods from the various fields of biology. In particular, he explores the morphology and phylogeny of squamates (lizards and snakes).

Emma Lincoln

Emma Saito Lincoln

Information Studies

Previous degree from Amherst College

UT Austin: School of Information


Emma Lincoln examines wide-ranging issues in preservation management, such as policy development, planning and organization, fundraising, and outreach. She is also interested in the topics of digitization and audio-visual preservation.

Rebecca Onion

Rebecca Onion

American Studies

Previous degree from Yale University

UT Austin: Department of American Studies


Rebecca Onion explores the history of American religion and its intersections with the American landscape. Specifically, she focuses on the religious interpretations of the Columbine shootings.

Sylvia Romo

Sylvia Romo

Latin American Studies

Previous degree from University of California – Berkeley

UT Austin: Department of Latin American Studies


Sylvia Romo's work centers on the indigenous community Chiapas, Mexico. Specifically, she examines the community’s claim for collective rights, as expressed through the demand for autonomy.

Marie Soriano

Marie Nicole Soriano

Information Studies

Previous degree from Vassar College

UT Austin: School of Information


Marie Nicole Soriano’s research focuses on the scholarly value of the various unstable and ephemeral media of the past century and today. In particular, her work deals with the preservation of the cultural record for current and future scholarship.

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