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2011-2012 Fellows


Graduate Fellows awarded in 2011-2012 include Addison Kemp, Kathleen McElroy, Michael Turner, and Han-Gyoi Yi. See Current Fellows.

Elizabeth Frederick-Rothwell

Elizabeth Frederick-Rothwell
Historic Preservation
Previous degree from University of California - Berkeley
UT Austin: School of Information

Betsy Frederick-Rothwell studies the intersection of historic preservation and environmental and cultural sustainability. She is interested in the applicability of technical standards and energy modeling tools to non-conventional (historic) buildings and developing criteria for historic register eligibility of Modern-era and later buildings.

Amanda Lanza

Amanda Lanza
Cellular and Metabolic Engineering
Previous degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
UT Austin: Department of Chemical Engineering

Amanda is engineering human cell lines for more efficient production of protein therapeutics. This work has applications in pharmaceutics and gene therapy and will lead to a better understanding of the complexity of the human genome.

Katherine Lininger

Katherine Lininger

Geography and the Environment

Previous degree from University of Wisconsin - Madison

UT Austin: Department of Geography and the Environment


Katherine Lininger is interested in geomorphology, water resources, and human-environment interactions. She is currently conducting research on the hydro-geomorphology of the Araguaia River in central Brazil. Lininger also plans to examine the impacts of land-use changes within the watershed.


Thomas Rosenberg

Thomas Rosenberg
Film Production
Previous degree from Columbia University
UT Austin: Department of Radio-Television-Film

Tom Rosenberg is interested in documentary film and its boundary with narrative and experimental forms of filmmaking.







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