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Human Resources

Our Organization

Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides logistical, financial, budgetary, training, and development services to the HR operating units.

Human Resource Service Center

The Human Resource Service Center (HRSC) is the first point of assistance for department customers, and serves as a clearinghouse for information about university benefits, employment opportunities, and department services.

Strategic Workforce Solutions

Strategic Workforce Solutions (SWS) consults with colleges, schools, administrative units and employees regarding performance management, conflict resolution, university leave policies, workers' compensation, unemployment, and flexible workplace and staffing strategies that result in high productivity, high employee morale and satisfaction, and increased departmental effectiveness. SWS also consults with colleges, schools and administrative units regarding descriptive and flexible job classifications, competitive compensation and efficient sourcing strategies to attract, retain and motivate top talent for university positions.

Organization Effectiveness

Organization Effectiveness (OE) consults with and assists colleges, schools and administrative units with meeting organization and human resource development goals and objectives, which maximize staff and faculty performance and effectiveness.

HealthPoint Employee Assistance Program

At HealthPoint EAP we strive to transform lives to improve personal and organizational effectiveness for the benefit of the entire UT community. We provide behavioral health expertise, promote wellness, and develop solutions to life's challenges. We do this by providing brief counseling and consultation services, crisis intervention, assessment and referral, educational and training programs, and supervisory consultation.

Workforce Analytics

This unit consults with colleges, schools and administrative units to identify workforce costs and trends and to develop total compensation and branding tools and strategies to attract, retain, and motivate university staff and faculty.

Occupational Health Program

The university's Occupational Health Program (OHP) partners with our Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department in understanding working conditions to ensure that appropriate precautions are taken to protect the university’s most valuable asset—our faculty and staff. Additionally, the OHP will treat minor work related injuries and illnesses and provide health risk counseling to improve overall health and well-being.