Staff Service Awards

Staff Service Awards
2015 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2015 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients were honored at The President's Staff Awards on May 7, 2015, at 10 a.m. in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.


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Last Name First Name Year Department
Baca Frank10K-16 Education Center
Baguio Margaret R.15Center for Space Research
Bailey Emily C.25College of Liberal Arts
Bailey James M.15Utilities and Energy Management
Balagia Susan M.10University Development Office
Balderrama Edmundo F.15McDonald Observatory
Baldwin Brian C.15Center for Agile Technology
Ball Charles K.35School of Music
Banda Guadalupe C.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Barger William G.20Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Barker Major R.15Applied Research Laboratories
Barnes Holly A.15Intercollegiate Athletics
Bartelmehs Kurt L.20Vice-President for Research
Barton Gwendolyn S.20Office of Graduate Studies
Barton Karen M.20Geology Foundation
Bash Francis L.20University Development Office
Baum Glen S.25Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
Baumgardner Robert W.20Bureau of Economic Geology
Beasley Darryl L.10University Interscholastic League
Beatty Glenn E.15Applied Research Laboratories
Beaube David C.30University of Texas Libraries
Beausoleil Nathalie10Science Education Center
Beavers Ryan C.15University Development Office
Becker Heather A.35School of Nursing
Bedolla Macrina25Facilities Services
Belcher Christopher W.15Information Technology Services
Bell Sherry R.35University Health Services
Belmontes Fernando S.20Animal Resources Center
Benhamou Elyes10Red McCombs School of Business
Bennett Michele R.15Human Resources
Bensman Janet M.20Counseling and Mental Health Center
Berkman Marsha L.20Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research
Bernal Leticia F.30Intercollegiate Athletics
Bernstein Aaron C.10Center for High Energy Density Science
Berry Tricia S.15Cockrell School of Engineering College of Engineering
Bible Wesley S.25Utilities and Energy Management
Bizzell Renee Y.35School of Law
Black Abigail A.10Department of Germanic Studies
Blackmore Justine M.20Center for Agile Technology
Blackstock Stephen P.10Applied Research Laboratories
Blais Donald E.35Office of Telecommunication Services
Blanton Ennis J. Jr.35Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Blount Christopher A.10Utilities and Energy Management
Blount Mark W.15Bureau of Economic Geology
Blumensaadt Norman E.25Thompson Conference Center
Bober Andree H.10College of Fine Arts
Boehl Herbert G.25Department of Physics
Boggs Wendy D.10Moody College of Communication
Bogucki Valeri R.10University of Texas Libraries
Bolin Douglas W.20University Development Office
Bonefas Amy30University of Texas Libraries
Bonin Kenneth E.15Utilities and Energy Management
Bossier William C.15Student Financial Services
Bosworth Jennifer R.10College of Pharmacy
Braboy Janis L.20Bureau of Economic Geology
Brace Timothy L.25Office of Graduate Studies
Brager Darrin H.10Center for Learning & Memory
Bramblett Eric C.15Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Brant David A.30Center for Agile Technology
Bredahl Richard K.20Division of Housing & Food Service
Brewer Jeffrey M.20Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Bridges John D.35University of Texas Libraries
Bridgewater Fatima Z.10Institute for Computational Engineering and Science
Brookins Jennifer J.10College of Natural Sciences
Brown Jay A.25College of Liberal Arts
Brown Jeanie G.20Red McCombs School of Business
Brown Karon A.30University of Texas Libraries
Brown Kristi D.35Red McCombs School of Business
Brown Monica L.15Applied Research Laboratories
Brown Nobue S.30Red McCombs School of Business
Brown Philemon15Division of Housing & Food Service
Brown Tracy H.20Inst Reporting, Research & Info Systems
Brown Vernon J. Jr.20Utilities and Energy Management
BrownWillis T.15Division of Housing & Food Service
Broyles Karen J.15University of Texas Press
Bruch Glenda L.20University Interscholastic League
Brunke David M.15Applied Research Laboratories
Bryan Nancy L.30University of Texas Press
Bryant Adam D.10Center for Electromechanics &_65533_
BryantRandall L.10McDonald Observatory
Bulhon Jean P.20Project Management & Construction Services
Burback Sidney D.15IC2 Institute
Burdell Christine A.10Red McCombs School of Business
Burkart Jill M.15Institute for Public School Initiatives
Burleson Sarah J.10Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art
Burns John A.35Facilities Services
Burns Michael E.25Construction Industry Institute
Burt Brenda H.30Div. of Diversity & Community Engagement
Busby April L.10Texas Performing Arts
Bushn Janie C.25Texas Advanced Computing Center
Busse Elizabeth D.20Center for Teaching and Learning

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.