Staff Service Awards

Staff Service Awards
2015 Recipient List

Following is the list of 2015 Staff Service Award recipients. Recipients were honored at The President's Staff Awards on May 7, 2015, at 10 a.m. in the LBJ Auditorium.

For more information on the awards program, eligibility, etc., please see Service Awards Home. All questions should be directed to the HR contact.


Last Name First Name Year Department
Abbey Linda S.10University of Texas Libraries
Acevedo Jose J.10Applied Research Laboratories
Acton Jeannette E.10University Interscholastic League
Aleshire Melinda D.10Center for Information Security
Almanza Guadalupe10Division of Housing & Food Service
Alvite Francisco L.10Facilities Services
Anderson Michael G.10Applied Research Laboratories
Anderson Smylie S.10Red McCombs School of Business
Angell Scarlett M.10Information Technology Services
Arfa Afsaneh10University of Texas Child Development Center
Armand-Cardoso Datmara G.10Facilities Services
Ashley Daryl C.10Information Technology Services
Ashlock Timothy W.10College of Liberal Arts
Avila Remedios10Division of Housing & Food Service
Baca Frank10K-16 Education Center
Balagia Susan M.10University Development Office
Beasley Darryl L.10University Interscholastic League
Beausoleil Nathalie10Science Education Center
Benhamou Elyes10Red McCombs School of Business
Bernstein Aaron C.10Center for High Energy Density Science
Black Abigail A.10Department of Germanic Studies
Blackstock Stephen P.10Applied Research Laboratories
Blount Christopher A.10Utilities and Energy Management
Bober Andree H.10College of Fine Arts
Boggs Wendy D.10Moody College of Communication
Bogucki Valeri R.10University of Texas Libraries
Bosworth Jennifer R.10College of Pharmacy
Brager Darrin H.10Center for Learning & Memory
Bridgewater Fatima Z.10Institute for Computational Engineering and Science
Brookins Jennifer J.10College of Natural Sciences
Bryant Adam D.10Center for Electromechanics &_65533_
BryantRandall L.10McDonald Observatory
Burdell Christine A.10Red McCombs School of Business
Burleson Sarah J.10Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art
Busby April L.10Texas Performing Arts
CaldwellJohn A. R.10McDonald Observatory
Campa Dennis J.10Bureau of Economic Geology
Campbell Thomas W.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Campos Nilka I.10Division of Recreational Sports
Campuzano Jose A.10University Unions
Cannon Hank T.10Center for Teaching and Learning
Cantu John L.10University Unions
Caravantes Carlos10Human Resources
Carr David L.10Bureau of Economic Geology
Castillo Michael10Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art
Castro Juana10Division of Housing & Food Service
Catlett William R.10Office of Industry Engagement
Cazes John E. Jr.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Celedon Sylvia A.10Population Research Center
Chang David C.10College of Natural Sciences
Chinchilla Jaime A.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Cicchini Emily B.10Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
Conrad-Graham Jennifer A.10Center for Social Work Research
Cook Adam J.10Applied Research Laboratories
Correa Alejandro F.10Office of Graduate Studies
Corry Mark C.10University of Texas Libraries
Crew Wayne A.10Construction Industry Institute
Cruz Mayda R.10Geology Foundation
Cueva Jose A.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Curtis Angela10Office of the President
Davis Jenny G.10University of Texas Elementary School
Davis Justin W.10Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
De La Rosa Amy10Center for Transportation Research
Del Real Roberto10Utilities and Energy Management
Diaz Diane G.10Office of Sponsored Projects
Dickson Sally K.10European Studies
Don Michael A.10Biomedical Engineering
Donald Robert A.10College of Education
Doroba Mark10University of Texas Libraries
Duncan Ian J.10Bureau of Economic Geology
Dyer Brady10University of Texas Press
Edmonson Christina M.10Applied Research Laboratories
Edwards Laura L.10ITS Networking
El-Assad Lauren M.10College of Pharmacy
Elledge Timothy J.10Facilities Services
Erickson Carlton K.10College of Pharmacy
Faulk Ronnie L.10Utilities and Energy Management
Fischer Michael J.10Applied Research Laboratories
Fisher Kerry L.10University Development Office
Fly Carol G.10Applied Research Laboratories
Flynn Elizabeth A.10Department of Computer Science
Foss Michelle M.10Bureau of Economic Geology
Fox Neil S. II10Applied Research Laboratories
Freeman Stephen L.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Fromme Jeffrey10Moody College of Communication
Galarza Adela A.10UTeach Science Program
Garber Carolyn M.10Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Gardinier Charles A. II10Utilities and Energy Management
Garrett Amanda R.10University Development Office
Garver Elizabeth L.10Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Gettier Maria10Office of Accounting
Gibson Steven J.10Brackenridge Field Laboratory
Gill Linda G.10University of Texas Libraries
Gillette Dorothy J.10College of Pharmacy
Gilmore Michael L.10Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Ginez Marisol P.10Facilities Services
Ginsburg Diane B.10College of Pharmacy
Glaab Rebecca L.10Center for Electromechanics &_65533_
Gladstone Cynthia A.10College of Liberal Arts
Gnanam Annie J.10Texas Institute for Drug and Diagnostic Development
Gomez Carmen10University Health Services
Gomez Kelly B.10Applied Research Laboratories
Gonsoulin John10Division of Housing & Food Service
Gonzalez Edgar J.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Gonzalez Teresita R.10Department of Geological Sciences
Goss Michael C.10Texas Student Media
Grace Kathy L.10Office of Technology Commercialization
Gray Richard A.10Center for Learning & Memory
Green Ryan D.10Environmental Health and Safety
Green Tessa M.10Bureau of Economic Geology
Griffith Janet L.10College of Education
Grosvenor Carol M.10Applied Research Laboratories
Gulen Gurcan10Bureau of Economic Geology
Gustafson James R.10Thompson Conference Center
Guthrie Susan10University Development Office
Gutierrez Patricia Ann10College of Natural Sciences
Guyton Sharon A.10University Health Services
Hagemann Cheryl10Applied Research Laboratories
Hamer Catherine I.10University of Texas Libraries
Harbor Anita J.10Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Harper Jimmy W.10Payroll Services
Harris Erin L.10University Extension Division of Continuing Education
Hartje Jonathan G.10Applied Research Laboratories
Hatfield Michael L.10Project Management & Construction Services
Hejl Amy K.10Institute for Computational Engineering and Science
Hemphill Abigail L.10School of Law
Henry Rebecca A.10Red McCombs School of Business
Henry Robyn K.10McDonald Observatory
HensleyJeana10Red McCombs School of Business
Hereim Karl I.10Science Education Center
Hill Latoya C.10Office of the Dean of Students
Hinojosa Ernest A.10Applied Research Laboratories
Hobbs Mary E.10Science Education Center
Hsu Hsiang-Che10Department of Sociology
Hunter Richard A. II10Applied Research Laboratories
Hyman Sarah M.10Department of Geological Sciences
IpinaMaria M.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Jasinski Alexander C.10Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Johnston Bradley K.10College of Fine Arts
Juarez Guillermo10Facilities Services
Karpiouk Andrei10Biomedical Engineering
Kaufmann Matthew J.10Center for Information Security
Keller Harrison10Executive Vice President & Provost
Kelly Maureen F.10Center for Transportation Research
Keogh Chrystal D.10Office of Admissions
Kerbow-Hudson Kelly10University of Texas Libraries
Kibodeaux Lanay10Division of Recreational Sports
Kilcrease Laura J.10Red McCombs School of Business
Kimmons Yvonne Z.10Texas Performing Arts
King Charles R.10Facilities Services
Kittrell Edward C.10University of Texas Press
Kizzee Angela J.10Biology Instructional Office
Kleiman Kelly A.10Department of Computer Science
Klopfenstein Laura A.10Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Knue Blaise T.10Utilities and Energy Management
Koesterke Lars10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Kokes Eugene F.10Information Technology Services
Kolodney Uri10University of Texas Libraries
Kondoff Karyn L.10Information Technology Services
Krause Angela S.10School of Law
Lacy Lori D.10Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Laczko David W.10University Health Services
Lai Enoch Y.10College of Education
Lang Stephanie L.10Center for African and African American Studies
Lara Benjamin10University Health Services
Leahy Cory R.10Office of the President
Leavenworth Simone S.10School of Law
Lebrun Edward G.10Brackenridge Field Laboratory
Ledesma Lucille10Office of Admissions
Lee Alison C.10Information Technology Services
Lee Christine E.10Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Lee Martha M.10Project Management & Construction Services
Liao James10Information Technology Services
Loftus-Otway Lisa D.10Center for Transportation Research
Logan Tierney L.10Department of Integrative Biology
Looney Clay L.10Utilities and Energy Management
Lopez Gabriel M.10College of Liberal Arts
Lowery Allison E.10Texas Performing Arts
Lynch Christopher J.10Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Lynch Sean D.10Information Technology Services
Lyon Leslie10College of Fine Arts
Macmillan Dougald II10Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Maldonado Christine R.10Human Resources
Malmgren Kristina10Texas Performing Arts
Manoucheri Michael P.10Utilities and Energy Management
Martin Cheryl E.10Applied Research Laboratories
Martin Wendy K.10University of Texas Libraries
MartinezAna L.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Masson Susan N.10Red McCombs School of Business
Maxwell Nicole10Applied Research Laboratories
Maxwell Wesley T.10Internal Audit
Mayhew Linda10Humanities Honors Program
McCarter Angela D.10Internal Audit
McDaniel Richard F.10Project Management & Construction Services
McGruder Rachel L.10Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Special Events Center
McInroy Rebecca S.10KUT Radio
McNulty Justin A.10Office of Research Support
Melecki Thomas G.10Student Financial Services
Melendez Andrea10Department of Neuroscience
Merket Robin M.10University Health Services
Merrick Elizabeth A.10Office of Technology Commercialization
Meyer Julie E.10Office of Graduate Studies
Micks Robert D.10University Charter School
Miller Michael A.10Facilities Services
Mitcham Janice C.10Admin Systems Modernization Program
Mitchell Jerry R.10Applied Research Laboratories
Molin Jason E.10Div. of Diversity & Community Engagement
Montgomery Andrea L.10School of Social Work
Morgan Ira10Applied Research Laboratories
Muller Troy J.10Facilities Services
Murillo Mirella10Human Resources
Murphy Angela M.10Office of Sponsored Projects
Naghaviani Norma L.10University Health Services
Nance Julie A.10University of Texas Elementary School
Naski Laura M.10Texas Memorial Museum
NavarreteFernando T.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Negron Erin G.10Geology Foundation
Neyens Daryl F.10Facilities Services
Ngo Catherine10Executive Vice President & Provost
Nguyen Vinh T.10School of Nursing
Norwood Adam S.10School of Law
Nunnelee Jack Jr.10Utilities and Energy Management
O'Connell Jane A.10Law Library
Ogden Christopher K.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Oldham Tatem M.10Liberal Arts Career Center &_0_
Orozco Constantino A.10Facilities Services
Owens Stephen J.10Applied Research Laboratories
Palard Marylene10Microelectronics Research Center
Parker Cynthia G.10Project Management & Construction Services
Parker Mark10Applied Research Laboratories
Parker Thomas R.10Utilities and Energy Management
Perez Norma F.10Human Resources
Perrone Melissa M.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Pham Thanh C.10Facilities Services
PolkinghornMichelle M.10Department of Accounting
Posey Cynthia G.10Univ Op-Communications
Posey Mark10Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Post Benjamin A.10Executive Vice President & Provost
Prater Frank G.10Parking and Transportation Services
Prentiss Robert A.10Office of Sponsored Projects
Prescott Lance A.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Quagliana Alisha L.10University of Texas Libraries
Ramey Martha L.10Applied Research Laboratories
Ramon Rosalinda V.10Facilities Services
Ray Lori A.10Center for Teaching and Learning
Reutebuch Colleen K.10Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Rey-Shannon Amelia10College of Liberal Arts
Rhodes Karen L.10Applied Research Laboratories
Richardson Hal D.10Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Richardson Kathryn A.10Office of Sponsored Projects
Riddle Prentiss10IC2 Institute
Ringwood Alan R.10University of Texas Libraries
Rios Raymond C.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Roberts Douglas M.10College of Natural Sciences
Rodriguez Sadia R.10Information Technology Services
Roland Eddie L. Jr.10Facilities Services
Romero Justin E.10Applied Research Laboratories
Rosenberg Robyn S.10University of Texas Libraries
Rostopchin Sergey I.10McDonald Observatory
Rucker Kenneth R.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Ruiz Sotero D.10Facilities Services
Salinas Lizeth R.10Department of Theatre and Dance
SanchezSara 10Red McCombs School of Business
Sandoval Homero Xavier10School of Architecture
Sangster Katherine A.10Thompson Conference Center
Sava Diana C.10Bureau of Economic Geology
Schamber Martha G.10Office of Sponsored Projects
Scherwin Christine R.10Department of Management
Schlankey Margaret L.10Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Schock James II10University Police Department
Scott Dawanna R.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Scott Luisa10Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research
Segura Irma10Division of Housing & Food Service
Sehne Gerlinde M.10Microelectronics Research Center
Shah Sejal M.10Center for Teaching and Learning
Shelar Verla H.10University Police Department
Sherman Wesley H.10Cockrell School of Engineering College of Engineering
Shook Stacy L.10Project Management & Construction Services
Shukla Nachiketa10Animal Resources Center
Silva Natalie10Bureau of Economic Geology
Singer Faith R.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Slater Dustin10Information Technology Services
Slater Matthew J.10Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Smith Jessica A.10Geology Foundation
Smith Warren W.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Smith-Dowling Calla K.10University of Texas Libraries
Solis Vicki A.10University Health Services
Spinhirne Jarett P.10Center for Energy and Environmental Resources
Stamp Jeanne10Charles A. Dana Center for Science and Mathematics Education
Steans Ryan J.10University of Texas Libraries
Steele Colon L.10Central Business Office
Stephens Deidra G.10Red McCombs School of Business
Stewart Elizabeth S.10Winedale Historical Center
Stokley Gary M. Jr.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Streusand Jamie A.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Su Jiandong10Bureau of Economic Geology
Sullivan David W.10Center for Energy and Environmental Resources
Sutton Beverly K.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Swaney Courtney D.10Office of Sponsored Projects
Swaton Tammy L.10Facilities Services
Tamez Jaime I.10Information Technology Services
Taylor Chris D.10Internal Audit
Terrazas Eusebio10McDonald Observatory
Terry Kimberly J.10Department of Psychology
Thompson William R.10Facilities Services
Trent Heather D.10Sam Rayburn Library
Turner Gina B.10Payroll Services
Tway Maria10Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Van Den Bossche Monty W.10ACES IT Group
Vance James K.10IC2 Institute
Velasquez Dolores M.10Facilities Services
Villegas Martina10Division of Housing & Food Service
Voinis Nick G.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Wade Emily E.10Center for Teaching and Learning
Waldrep Daniel G.10Applied Research Laboratories
Walker Kathleen E.10Meadows Center and Vaughn Gross Center
Walker Lori D.10College of Natural Sciences
Walling David A.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Ward Anthony L.10Division of Housing & Food Service
Wareham David K.10Applied Research Laboratories
Weber Maria I.10Harry Huntt Ransom Humanities Research Center
Wells Jeremy W.10Red McCombs School of Business
White Priscilla W.10Office of the Registrar
Whiteaker Timothy L.10Institute for Geophysics
Willgren Stephen A.10Intercollegiate Athletics
Wills Kenneth10Facilities Services
Willson Paula G.10Office of Campus Planning & Facilities Management
Wilson Bridget C.10Vice President for University Operations
Wimby Mark J.10Red McCombs School of Business
Winslett Kevin10Facilities Services
Wise Deborah E.10Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life
Wolski Edward L.10University Interscholastic League
Wozniak Joanna K.10Texas Advanced Computing Center
Yanez Antonino S.10Parking and Transportation Services
Young Duncan A.10Geology Foundation
Young Ronnie J.10Facilities Services
Yuhas Chris A.10Utilities and Energy Management
Zarate Gloria10Division of Housing & Food Service
Zgadzaj Rafal10Center for High Energy Density Science

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HR Contact Information

All questions concerning The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards Program should be directed to the Staff Awards Team.