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Celebrating Student Employees

UT Austin Student Employee of the Year

Nominations Open December 1, 2014 - January 30, 2015

The President’s Student Employee of the Year Award is given annually to an outstanding student employee who has made a unique contribution to the university and has demonstrated exceptional reliability, quality of work, initiative, and professionalism.

The competition is supported by the Office of the President and by donations to the University Operations Student Employee Recognition Program fund. Donations in any amount are welcome!

The winner receives a certificate and an award of $500. In addition, the UT Austin winner is entered in the regional competition sponsored by the Southern Association of Student Employment Administrators. The winner of that competition receives a $1,000 award and is entered in the National Student Employment Association competition, which also offers a $1,000 award.

All nominees are recognized at an event sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs during National Student Employee Appreciation Week in April. The recipient of the President’s Student Employee of the Year Award also is recognized at the President’s Staff Awards event in May.

Please visit the Celebrating Student Employees page to read about previous UT Austin winners, finalists, and nominees.


The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are employed in the following student titles:

  • Student Assistant (0074)
  • Student Associate (0075)
  • Senior Student Associate (0076)
  • Student Technician (0077)
  • Tutor (0064 & 0066)
  • Assistant (0070 & 0071)
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant (0095)
  • Academic Assistant (0065)
  • H&F Resident Assistant (0073)
  • Student Camp Worker (0078)
  • Camp Resident Assistant (0098)

Teaching Assistants, Assistant Instructors, and Graduate Research Assistants are not eligible.

Nominees must have been employed, or be expected to be employed, for at least 240 hours between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015 (e.g., 12 weeks at 20 hours per week or 24 weeks at 10 hours per week). This criterion is based on the number of hours assigned, except in the case of Resident Assistants.


Here are the rules for nominating a student employee:

  • Nominations may be submitted only by a staff or faculty member who supervises the nominee. Student employees may not submit nominations.
  • Each supervisor may nominate only one student employee.
  • Each student may be nominated only once, with the following exception: if a student is assigned to more than one position during the eligibility period, with different duties and a different supervisor, the supervisor for each position may nominate the student.

Here are some guidelines for completing the nomination form:

  • You will be asked to provide a brief job description. Please describe what this particular student actually does as your employee, rather than providing a generic job description. This portion of the nomination form is subject to a 330-character limit.
  • You will be asked to describe your student employee’s performance in five areas:
    • Reliability
    • Quality of work
    • Initiative
    • Professionalism
    • Uniqueness of contribution

Please be as specific as possible. Details and examples are important! Focus on qualities that set the nominee apart from other student employees and on the impact the nominee has had on your department and/or the university. This portion of the nomination form is subject to a 1200-character limit for each area.

  • Please be sure to focus your remarks on the student’s performance and accomplishments as an employee, not on the student’s academic performance or extra-curricular activities.
  • You may not submit a separate nomination letter at this level of the competition. If your nominee is selected as the UT Austin Student Employee of the Year, you will be asked to write a two-page nomination letter for the regional competition.
  • The nomination form includes a preliminary eligibility check, which verifies that the student has employment in an eligible job code during the eligibility period. After nominations close, another check will be run to ensure that the nominee has the requisite number of hours of eligible employment. If the student does not have enough hours at that point, you will be notified that the student is ineligible.

Questions? Contact Amy Greenspan, Student Employment Coordinator in HRS.

Important tip for completing your online nomination: Please note that the online nomination form is time-limited. To avoid potentially "timing out" before submitting your nomination, we strongly encourage you to use the Nomination Worksheet [PDF] to draft your nomination and then copy/paste your text into the corresponding fields of the online nomination form. Once your nomination is successfully submitted, you will see a confirmation page and receive an email copy of your nomination. If you do not see the confirmation page, we have not received your nomination.

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