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Insurance Benefit Overview


If you're appointed to work at least 20 hours or more a week for at least 4.5 months (135 calendar days) in an eligible staff, faculty or graduate student academic employee position, you may participate in the university's insurance plans.

Certain non-employee Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Student Fellows are eligible to participate in the university’s medical, dental and vision insurance plans. Review the following for more information about eligibility.

For UT SELECT Medical ONLY, your eligible dependents are:

For all Voluntary UT Benefits (other than UT SELECT Medical), your eligible dependents are:

Examples of dependents who aren't eligible for coverage:



There are three opportunities when employees may make insurance selections.

Initial Benefits Enrollment for New Employees

You have 31 days from your first day of employment to make your insurance coverage elections. If you're a full-time employee or graduate student academic employee, you're automatically enrolled in the Basic Coverage on the first day you're eligible for benefits. If you're a part-time employee (less than 40 hours per week), you won't automatically get the Basic Coverage. Instead, you must make insurance elections within your first 31 days or you will forfeit insurance coverage.

Review the New Employee Benefits Enrollment Checklist for details about how to complete your enrollment.

Change of Status Event

You can't change your insurance coverage during the year except in the case of a qualified change of status. You have 31 days from the date of a qualifying change of status event to notify the Human Resource Service Center and change your insurance selections. If you don't make your changes during the 31-day status-change period, your changes cannot be made until the next Annual Enrollment period in July, when Evidence of Insurability may be required.

Here are some common examples of qualified change of status events:

To make insurance changes, you will need to submit the following to the Human Resource Service Center during your 31-day period:

Your insurance changes must be consistent with your change of status event. Evidence of Insurability may be required for some changes.

Annual Enrollment

Annual enrollment occurs in July. During this time, you may make changes to your insurance and add or remove dependents from coverage using the online enrollment system, My UT Benefits. In June,  "Your UT Benefits Enrollment Options" notice is sent to each benefits-eligible employee via e-mail (or campus mail if you don't have an e-mail address on file). This notice lists your current coverage selections and options for the upcoming academic year. Choices you make during Annual Enrollment will start September 1 or later when your Evidence of Insurability is approved if that's required.

Information about benefits program changes is provided each year on the Annual Enrollment Web site.


Evidence of Insurability

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is a record of a person’s past and current health events. It's used by insurance companies to verify whether a person meets the definition of good health.

Review the table below to determine when you or your dependents must submit an EOI form.

Insurance Plan Initial Benefits Enrollment for New Employees Change of Status Event Annual Enrollment
Medical No No No
Dental No No No
Vision No No No
UT Flex No No No
Term Life If applying for coverage of 4x, 5x, or 6x salary for self or $25,000 or $50,000 for spouse For any increase of coverage, except $10,000 dependent coverage* For any increase of coverage, except $10,000 dependent coverage*
AD&D No No No
Short-Term Disability No No Yes
Long-Term Disability No No Yes
Long-Term Care Spouse or other family members only Yes Yes

*You must have coverage of at least 1x salary in order to enroll your dependents for $10,000 coverage.

You must submit the EOI form as indicted by the deadline below, depending upon your enrollment opportunity.

Enrollment Opportunity EOI Form Submission Deadline
Initial Benefits Enrollment for New Employees Online form completed in My UT Benefits enrollment system 31 days from your first date of employment for elections, with an additional 15 days to submit the EOI only
Change of Status Event Paper form submitted directly to insurance company 31 days from the date of your change of status event
Annual Enrollment Online form completed in My UT Benefits enrollment system Typically August 15, although insurance selections must be made by the end of Annual Enrollment, which is typically July 31