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UT Flex: Flexible Spending Accounts

UT Flex flexible spending accounts allow you to pay for eligible medical and daycare expenses with pre-tax dollars. This means you don't pay federal income or Social Security taxes on the money you set aside into these accounts. Currently, you can place up to $5,000 in a flexible medical account and $5,000 in a flexible daycare account.


Beginning January 1, 2011, federal law requires a prescription in order to use your flexible spending account funds for the purchase of over-the-counter (OTC) medications (other than insulin). As a result, debit card purchases of OTC medications will no longer be authorized as of January 1, 2011. Learn more about this important change to your account.

Due to Health Care Reform, Plan Year 2012–2013 will be the last year to elect up to $5,000 for the Health Care Reimbursement Account. The federally mandated maximum limit for future years will be $2,500.

Plan Information:

Determining Out-of-Pocket Costs for the UT Flex Medical Account

Remember some of these common out-of-pocket costs associated with university insurance plans while figuring out your medical expenses. Other eligible and ineligible expenses are available on the PayFlex website.

UT Select PPO (BCBS) Network Medical Costs

UT Select (Medco) Prescription Drug Costs

UT Delta Network Costs

DeltaCare USA Costs

Superior Vision Network Costs

Claims History

Your claims history may also assist you with determining your future out-of-pocket costs. Register at the websites below to review your claims history.

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