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Free Retirement Guidance Series Fall 2012

Are you saving enough for retirement? Do you have the right investment mix? Will your retirement savings allow you maintain your current quality of life?

Beginning in the month of October, Human Resource Services will host a series of sessions that will answer these questions and more. 

Each session will feature a presentation by a representative from one of the university’s five authorized retirement plan providers, and end with a brief question and answer period.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to explore the different retirement options available to both faculty and staff, and learn a wealth of additional information about preparing for your retirement.

Please register for each session through TXCLASS; the class listings are displayed next to the scheduled presentations below.  The classes are from noon to 1 p.m., feel free to bring your own lunch to the sessions.

Remember, even if you cannot attend these sessions, it is possible to set up one-on-one consultations with the provider representatives.  Please review the Retirement Provider Appointments webpage for contact information and instructions.

ING logo
PN 289 — Wednesday, October 24:
ING presents “Asset Allocation: Strategies for a Well Balanced Investor”

Learn how to diversify your savings and invest across the different asset classes, manage your investment’s performance, and reassess your savings plan every year.

Valic logo
PN 295 — Wednesday, November 7:
Valic presents “Your Retirement Plan at Work”

Learn about the importance of saving for retirement, the benefits of participating in a workplace retirement plan, and the most common types of retirement plans offered by employers.

PN 296 — Thursday, November 15:
Fidelity presents “Building Your Retirement Roadmap”

Learn how to plan for your retirement, begin saving, reduce your debt while saving, and maximize tax advantaged saving opportunities.

Lincoln logo
PN 297 — Wednesday, November 28:
Lincoln presents “Realize Your Retirement Dreams in Four Simple Steps”

Learn the four key behaviors associated with successful investing and get the information needed for you to set retirement income goals and strategies, make sure your savings last through retirement, and more.

PN 299 — Wednesday, December 5:
TIAA-CREF presents “How Am I Doing? Understanding and Achieving Your Long-Term Financial Goals”

Learn how to take stock of where you are in preparing for a comfortable retirement, consider how you will fund the costs associated with retirement (healthcare, children’s education, assisting aging parents, etc.) and how to create a strategy and plan of action to achieve your financial goals.