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HealthPoint Employee Assistance Program


The university offers counseling services to help you face challenges and improve your health, well-being, and effectiveness. The following services are confidential and free of charge to benefits-eligible employees.

Counseling Services Overview

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free, confidential counseling for up to six sessions per year with its experienced staff of licensed psychologists and social workers. The counseling sessions are designed to help you deal with personal or work-related problems, ranging from depression to substance abuse, workplace violence to parenting stress, communication challenges to grief, and much more.

Eligibility for Counseling

Any university health insurance benefits-eligible staff, faculty, dependent (age 18 or older), or retiree may use the EAP’s counseling services. Eligible individuals may also see a counselor jointly with life partners, family members, roommates, friends, or significant others. The EAP serves individuals associated with the main campus, Pickle Research Campus, Marine Sciences Institute at Port Aransas, McDonald Observatory and other university offices not located on the main Austin campus, The University of Texas System administrative offices, as well as employees from the Medical Branch in Galveston who work in Austin.

Visiting a Counselor during Work Hours

It is university practice that employees are permitted to visit the EAP on work time if they receive permission to do so from their supervisor/manager. If you prefer not to reveal that you are coming to the EAP, you may use accrued leave time for your counseling visits. If you decide to enter long-term treatment with a non-EAP counselor, you will then use accrued leave time for those counseling visits.


The EAP protects the privacy of your contacts as required by Texas law, and even your initial call is private. All counseling clients receive a confidentiality notice, and release of information is strictly regulated by state laws. These laws do allow for action to be taken if there is a dangerous situation or if a child, elderly person, or disabled person is being abused. However, in the vast majority of cases no one can know of your visit to the counseling office unless you tell them or you sign a release form in the EAP office.

Counseling Appointments

You can make an appointment to meet with a counselor on the main campus or the Pickle Research Campus. Consultations are by appointment, and a meeting can usually be set up within three days, depending on your schedule restrictions. To make a counseling appointment, contact the EAP’s main office using the below information:

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., M-F (open over the lunch hour)
Phone: 512- 471-3366
After-hours urgent calls: 512-471-3399
Fax: 512-475-8558
Campus Mail Code: A9200
Location: North Office Building A (NOA), room 4.200
Address: 101 Wichita (southeast corner of 27th and Wichita)
E-mail: Employee Assistance Program (Although your contacts will be kept private, please remember that the confidentiality of e-mail contacts cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of online media.)

If you are new to the EAP or have not used our services in more than a year, you can get ahead on paperwork by downloading the confidentiality statement and client information form or non-employee client information form before your counseling appointment.

Counseling Referrals

Because EAP counseling is a short-term service, you may want to explore longer-term counseling solutions. Your EAP counselor can help you find a psychotherapist who works with the types of concerns that you identify and is located in a part of town that is convenient for you. The EAP counselor will give you contact information for therapists who are on your insurance plan, along with guidelines to getting started in therapy.