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Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness is the ability to be environmentally conscious and responsible in a way that promotes the standard of living in the community around you.

What’s the link between our environment and our health? Certain things in our environment can impact our health. How we get to work may impact the air quality, which in turn may impact the chemicals we breathe. When we eat fresh, local produce, it is better for the environment because its transportation may emit fewer greenhouse gases to get here. Because produce reaches us faster, the more nutrients it may retain. By protecting our environment, we help promote our health.

Campus Environmental Organizations

Sustainability at The University of Texas at Austin — The Sustainability Portal and Directory pulls together and presents existing resources to smooth the way for information sharing and collaboration.

Campus Environmental Center — The Campus Environmental Center is the largest organization on campus for UT students interested in the environment. The mission of the CEC is to empower the UT community to reduce its negative environmental impact and to foster a genuine culture of sustainability on campus through collaborative and constructive means.

The University of Texas at Austin Center for Sustainable Development — The Center for Sustainable Development was founded in 2001 with a mission to lead the study and practice of sustainable development in Texas, the nation, and the world through complementary programs of research, education, and community outreach.

The University of Texas at Austin Environmental Science Institute — The mission of the Environmental Science Institute is to advance our understanding of the environment and sustainability through the development of interdisciplinary research, education and outreach programs.

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