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Work/Life Calendar of Events and Resources

Upcoming Groups and Presentations

Healthpoint EAP at the University of Texas at Austin is excited to offer several events this fall. Registration and more detailed information about each class is available on TXClass.

Words Matter [online training]

Communication is a skill that can be learned and improved, and it can make a huge difference in how we feel about our jobs and how others feel about us. This training was developed to help employees learn new skills and strengthen the skills they already possess.

PN 610 Manager Tools for Responding to Distress and Disruption in the Workplace - June 12

Personal challenges occur in all our lives: divorce, family issues, illness, depression, stress, and sometimes serious mental illness. As a manager, you may find that employees with these concerns are distracted or openly distressed at work. This 1.5 hour training will provide information and in-class training on managing these difficult situations that impact the entire workgroup. Format: workshop (presentation and applied group work/discussion)

PN 30: Dealing with Difficult PeopleMay 15th, June 4th, July 16th, Aug 20th, Sept 17th, Oct 15th

Other people can present you with conflicts or difficult behaviors that increase your stress level and affect work performance and job satisfaction. Whether it's customers or co-workers, your ability to respond effectively to challenging people and situations greatly impacts your success on the job. This workshop discusses types of difficult behaviors and effective response strategies. Participants will learn the principles of effective assertive communication through small group exercises.

PN 35: Increasing Your Personal Resilience at Work - May 20th

Class description: Resilience is the ability to adapt well, bounce back, and recover from challenging life events and changes. This training focuses on building resiliency skills to better adapt in changing, stressful work environments. While resiliency skills covered in this presentation apply to all areas of life, this presentation focuses on being resilient at work.


Group Offerings

Call 512-471-3366 for registration or more information.

PN 1102 Eldercare Support Group– various group offerings in Spring 2014 (This group meets for 5 consecutive weeks; please sign up through TXClass)
This workshop offers support to employees who provide care for aging family members and explores the challenges of the caregiver role. Participants will learn about community eldercare resources, strategies for providing care, and approaches for maintaining work/life balance. The workshop will focus on the self-growth opportunities of caregiving through the shared experiences of others.

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Additional Resources