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Online Communication Training

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Online Webcast Presentations

Introduction to Self-Compassion
Think! Create! Engage! Forum presented on September 25, 2012

Featuring: Dr. Kristin Neff, Associate Professor Human Development and Culture, College of Education
Webcast Duration: 1:15

Description: Dr. Neff, the world’s leading expert on self-compassion, will introduce the concept of self-compassion and teach participants how to let go of their constant, debilitating self-judgment and finally learn to be kind to themselves in order to lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Departmental Presentations & Workshops

Please call 512-471-3366 to discuss scheduling presentations or group consultations on any of the following topics for managers or staff in your department.

Responding to Troubled Employees and Troubling Situations

  • Overview of EAP Services — EAP services promote the well-being of the individual employee and a healthy workplace. We offer individual counseling for both personal and workplace concerns. We also offer a broad array of services for workgroups, managers, training, and crisis response. This training will educate participants on our varied services and how we can best support you in your personal and work life.
  • Manager Tools for Responding to Distress and Disruption in the Workplace — Personal challenges occur in all our lives: divorce, family issues, illness,depression, stress, and sometimes serious mental illness. As a manager, you may find that employees with these concerns are distracted or openly distressed at work. This 1.5 hour training will provide information and in-class training on managing these difficult situations that impact the entire workgroup. Format: workshop (presentation and applied group work/discussion)
    • Upcoming classes: PN610 [TXClass; EID required]
  • Dealing with Difficult People — Whether it is a demanding customer or an upset co-worker, difficult people make our jobs more complicated and less enjoyable. The challenging behaviors we face demand skillful, calm responses. This training is designed to increase awareness of difficult behaviors and ways to effectively respond to get your needs met and respond to difficult people in a calm, assertive manner.
  • Safety in the Workplace and the Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL) — Threatening persons in the workplace lead to an atmosphere of fear and often result in emergency situations. Risk factors for violent or threatening behavior will be covered as well as principles for effective responses designed to calm the situation. Participants will also learn about the campus resources which respond when outside intervention is needed in crisis situations.
  • Fitness for Duty (for managers/supervisors) — The university is committed to providing a safe workplace for everyone. Employees with impaired and unsafe behaviors demand effective responses from managers. The Fitness for Duty policy provides a management strategy to insure safety in the workplace. Participants will learn the basic Fitness for Duty criteria and the steps involved in getting the impaired and unsafe employee assistance to insure safe performance.

Balance and Well-Being in Work and Life

  • Stress Management: Relaxation Breathing and Meditation (also available in Spanish) — The skills of slowing down and clearing our minds are time-tested methods for lowering stress and anxiety. This training is designed to develop awareness of how we respond to stress and the principles behind the relaxation response. Participants will practice the skills of relaxation breathing and meditation through guided exercises.
  • Work/Life Balance and Self Compassion — If you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands in your life, or know that you are out of balance and want to learn more about how to manage the different parts of your life this presentation can help you look at your individual values, personal style and ways to be flexible with demands.
  • Managing Change and Uncertainty (for managers and supervisors) — A workshop designed to help managers address the concerns of employees in the midst of organizational change, utilize communication that will improve the atmosphere, contribute to safety by recognizing and respecting diverse reactions, and promote focused opportunities to motivate employees.
  • Best Managerial Practices — A ten-week series for managers provided in conjunction with Strategic Workforce Solutions, Organizational Effectiveness, and Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Services.
  • Increasing Your Personal Resilience at Work — Resilience is the ability to adapt well, bounce back, and recover from challenging life events and changes. This training focuses on building
    resiliency skills to better adapt in changing, stressful work environments. While resiliency skills covered in this presentation apply to all areas of life, this presentation focuses on being resilient at work.

    • Upcoming classes: PN35 [TXClass; EID required]