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HR Forum — November 11, 2009

Also available as a downloadable PDF file: Presentation [PDF: 7.6 MB; 33 pages]

Financial & Retirement Planning Fair & UT Flex Deadlines—Vilma Santos, Interim HR Manager, Human Resources

Pickle Research Campus Financial & Retirement Planning Fair

UT Flex Deadlines for 2008-2009

Plan Year September 1, 2008
-August 31, 2009
Deadline to incur eligible medical expenses November 15, 2009
Deadline to incur eligible day care expenses August 31, 2009
Deadline to submit reimbursement claims November 30, 2009

The Commons Learning Center—Frances Stephens, Conference Coordinator

Pop Quiz

  1. How many towers do we have at UT Austin?
    1. One
    2. Two

(View the powerpoint for the answer and pictures of the Commons Learning Center)

Commons Learning Center

Your Personal Invitation

Hispanic Faculty/Staff Association—Alma Craig, Director, DDCE

Who we are

What we do

Our goal this year

What YOU can do

Bragging Rights


Student Employment Forum—Amy Greenspan, Student Employment Coordinator, Employee & Management Services

Next Meeting

Class Updates—Tom Rapp, Senior Staff Development Program Coordinator, Human Resources

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