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HR Forum — January 13, 2010

Also available as a downloadable PDF file: Presentation [PDF: 2,704 KB, 31 pages]

FML Legislative Changes—Corina Del Toro, Senior HR Representative, Employee & Management Services

FML Military Caregiver Leave

FML Qualifying Exigency Leave

In January 2008, Congress amended the FMLA to provide:

Staffing Change in Employee and Management Services—Lisa Milne, Assistant Director, Employee & Management Services

Benefits Updates—Vilma L. Santos, Interim HR Manager, Human Resource Service Center

TRS Employer Contributions

ORP Employer Contributions

ARRA COBRA Subsidy Update

Retirewise, by MetLife

HRMS Salary Overpayments—Jim McElroy, Director, Human Resource Service Center

HRMS Salary Overpayments

Payroll Services—Jimmy Harper, Assistant Director, Payroll Services

Payroll Services Update

Work/Life & Employee Assistance Program—Connie Deutsch, Director


HealthPoint—Occupational Health Program (OHP)—Adrienne Howarth-Moore, Director, NOA Room 3.214, 471-4OHP(4647)

We’re Open!

OHP Clinic Services

OHP Consultation Services

Class Updates—Tom Rapp, Senior Staff Development Program Coordinator, Human Resources

Upcoming Classes

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University Compliance Services

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