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HR Forum — March 10, 2010

Also available as a downloadable PDF file: Presentation [PDF: 316 KB, 49 pages]

Personal and Interpersonal Safety in the Workplace: Recognizing & Responding to Alarming Behaviors—Connie Deutsch, Director of HealthPoint & EAP; Officer Darrell Halstead, UTPD; Jeff Stellmach, LCSW, EAP Counselor

Responding to Potentially Dangerous Situations at Work

Resources for Immediately Dangerous Situations

Resources for Alarming Situations

Guidance for Responding to Troubling People or Situations

Dealing with Emotionally Distressed Individuals

Myth: Fear of "pushing them over the edge"

What to do:

Behavioral “Red Flags” for Potential Violence

What TO DO in difficult situations

Things NOT TO DO in difficult situations

Guidelines for all alarming or distressing situations…

After a Distressing Encounter: Take Care of Yourself!


Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention Tips

UTPD Presentations

Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL) & Words Matter at UT

International Office: Planning for J-1 Exchange Visitors—Andrew Thorley, Assistant Director, Faculty & Scholar Services, International Student & Scholar Services, International Office

J-1 Exchange Visitor

ISSS J-1 Document Processing Basics

Secure Online J-1 Request Form

j-1 request form











J-1 Status Page

J-1 Programming—ISSS Plans

Faculty & Scholar Services—Assignment Summary

Faculty & Scholar Services Training

Additional J-1 Resources

IT Title Migration—Jessica Chamberlain, Acting HR Manager, Staffing & Career Management Services, Human Resources

IT Title Migration

Service Award Certificates & Benefits Updates—Kelly Lomasney, Interim Assistant Director, Human Resource Service Center

Service Award Certificates

Financial & Retirement Planning Fairs

ARRA COBRA Subsidy Update

Performance Appraisals—Lisa Milne, Assistant Director, Employee & Management Services

Why Complete Appraisals?

Performance Appraisal Format

Authorized Performance Appraisal Systems

For Questions

Changes to the Non-Affiliated Student Worker Job Code (0079)—Amy Greenspan, Student Employment Coordinator, Employee & Management Services

Non-Affiliated Student Worker Changes

Compliance Posters—Luther Johnson, Assistant Director, Employee & Management Services

Required Compliance Posters

University Compliance Services—Jane Shaughness, Training Coordinator

Upcoming UCS Event

New UCS Location

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